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Thread: NGD: AxeFX III & FC-6

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    Have fun with it, man. The entire Axe-FX line is seriously great.

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    Congrats! Glad to see your hard work has been rewarded.

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    Congrats dude!
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    Congratulations, dude! They are awesome, enjoy.

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    Congrats man. The options are endless, but only if you want them to be.

    Have you watched Leon Todd's videos on youtube at all? He covers a lot of useful things for setting it up and where to start for various tones.
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    Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen!

    This thing is everything I expected and more. Work kicked my ass around pretty much daily all week so I haven't gotten as much time as I've wanted on it, but long enough to write a couple presets and get a little more familiar with it. The biggest task in this thing is finding the right IR's for the tone you're going for. There are so many installed already that you can spend hours fucking with them. I've had a folder consisting of 13,000+ IR's on my Macbook for a couple years now and started adding some of those in the III. You can almost get disheartened when you're not finding a slamming tone, or getting something like 75% there, but then you stumble upon the right IR and it's like "HOLY SHIT!!! THIS SOUNDS FUCKING AMAZING!!!". I don't know where I got them, but I have a few IR's labeled with band/song/album names, like "AIC We Die Young", "Tool 10,0000 Days", "Battery", "Sad But True", etc. The 10,000 Days cab (no clue what it is or how it was made) has been that "Holy shit!" IR that I stumbled upon last night and completely reinvigorated my adoration for the III.

    I've never played through an actual Diezel before, but goddamn are the models fucking killer. Same goes for the JP2C+ and 5153 models.

    Like any other multi-effects unit, I've found the majority of stock presets unusable for my own applications, but they at least give you a good idea of how to program the thing. Some of the weirder ones are fun to fuck around with and I can definitely see myself pulling those up when on the search for inspirato.

    I've been chipping away at a 2-amp preset, each amp panned to one side, so when I'm tracking guitars I can achieve some kind of god-tone, but I'm finding it's almost overkill. We'll see if I can pull it off appropriately.

    It indirectly got me to get my JEM fixed properly, due to the clarity. I had it refretted a couple years ago and the guy really did a bullshit job. They're seated right, but he didn't crown/level anything. He got a few chips of ebony out of the board and didn't fill them in, left glue all over the neck but the worst part was he took all the tension off the neck and left it that way, by the time I picked it up from him, the adjustment on the headstock was sunk into it, no longer allowing you to get the tool over it to adjust it. I was so bummed by it all that I didn't want him touching it anymore and figured I'd wait until the right guy came along. Thankfully, the right guy has been here for years, I just didn't know him yet. He's done a bunch of my buddy's BC Rich's and those things all play GREAT. I went over to his house yesterday and within 40 minutes, he had the neck adjusted and the frets actually allowing every string to ring out clearly. He didn't want to put too much tension on the neck, so I have a 2nd visit coming up in a couple weeks while it settles in. It's a night and day difference and I actually forgot how well that guitar sings when it's properly set up.

    Quote Originally Posted by budda View Post
    Congrats man. The options are endless, but only if you want them to be.

    Have you watched Leon Todd's videos on youtube at all? He covers a lot of useful things for setting it up and where to start for various tones.
    I have indeed! They've certainly been helpful. The one thing I find funny about a lot of the guys programming these things is that they'll deep dive into the parameters and tweak stuff I don't even bother with. I barely touch more than the Ideal section of the amps and come out with a usable sounding amp. I'd rather spend the time finding the right IR, which is 80% of the battle.
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