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Thread: NGD: AxeFX III & FC-6

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    NGD: AxeFX III & FC-6

    Well fuck me, I finally pulled it off.

    I can't remember what year it was when Cliff first posted on HRI about this unit he had been working on, I'm not even sure it was in production yet, but there were a few soundclips on this tiny website and I thought they sounded great. I've wanted one ever since. Drinking and the occasional narcotics got in the way of that for a long time and once I finally cut the shit with that stuff, it still took me a while longer to get a real job.

    I knew I was getting a Christmas bonus and had put some money aside to finally get an AxeFX, I figured I'd probably have to save a bit more before I ordered it, but my CFO handed me a very appreciated and surprising bonus that allowed me to get both the III and an FC-6 while still putting some away for a rainy day. I ordered it on Christmas day and then the misery of waiting through the holidays took place. Then there was last Thursday's fuckery that added to the misery (there's a thread in the Off Topic section).

    I took the last half of today off to be home for the delivery, it showed up around 3pm and I immediately set it up in my studio and started scrolling through the presets.


    I'm really blown away by the sounds in this thing. The clean/breakup tones are what get me the most. I wasn't expecting the punch these things have. I'm running it into my mixer then into some HS-5's with a sub and this thing is fucking perfect. Haven't played with the effects much, more of tweaking the amps and getting a feel for Axe Edit. So much easier to tweak than I thought it would be. I'm getting usable tones without going apeshit in the editor, really, I'm not tweaking more than the standard knobs you would on an amp.

    The FC-6 is easy to program as well, thanks to the editor. I was debating on getting the FC-12, but A) I'm not playing live right now B) when I do, I won't need access to individual effects C) I'm sick of having a 3ft pedalboard D) this thing is so intuitive I can do more than my Ground Control Pro ever did. And the lights are fucking cool.

    I'm using it as my audio interface, reamping takes literally seconds and I'm going to go apeshit with tracking guitars and all the options I have for cabs.

    Easily the best gear purchase I've ever made. Eventually I'm going to grab a couple Mesa 2x12's because I want to put together a band towards Fall of 2020. With the routing options, I can still send a signal with cab sims to FOH while rocking the Mesa's onstage. I may just settle on some Avatar cabs, not totally sure yet.

    The hype is certainly real with this thing.
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    congrats man! sounds like its gonna be a blast!

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    Awesome! Congrats on the gear purchase, but also for working your ass off and getting the recognition you deserve.

    I'm still pottering around with my old standard and getting tones I'm pretty happy with. That thing must sound phenomenal

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    Congratulations dude! Great to hear things are going well for you. You’re going to have a lot of fun with that thing.
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    Hell yeah buddy, enjoy it!

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    Thats a killer score, congratulations Rev, enjoy!
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    Nice kit!
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