NGD: Axe FX 3
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Thread: NGD: Axe FX 3

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: London ONT
    ME: 6's
    MB: Aerodyne
    Rig: AxeFX III

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    NGD: Axe FX 3

    Bought this used last week and picked it up last night. 4 hour round trip in the name of tone .

    Eventually I'll get a rack and MC6 once playing live looks like it'll be happening again. Until then I'll run it into my powercab+ 112 and Garageband. I've been going to my friend's home studio and tracking parts over ideas he has, so this will come in very handy for that too.

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    Location: wickford
    ME: SIggery Heresy,
    MA: Some old washburn
    MB: some Vintage bass
    Rig: Mark IV, axe fx std

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    Location: Front Royal, VA
    ME: Sterling JP70
    MA: Alvarez
    MB: Ibanez Cheapo 9000
    Rig: MB TriAxis > 50/50

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    Man those things have gotten fancy. Congrats, enjoy!
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    MA: Taylor 214
    MB: Spector Legend 4
    Rig: AFX3 / KPA / MKV

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    Awesome! Tad jealous...
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    I'd love to have one but I'd have to go to YouTube to learn how to use it. Nice score!
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    Very nice!!

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: London ONT
    ME: 6's
    MB: Aerodyne
    Rig: AxeFX III

    iTrader: 1 (100%)

    Damn, only took a break to cook dinner once the wife came home .

    This thing is sweet! At house levels I'm enjoying what I'm getting from it, and I haven't really dove deep.

    Curious to see how the powercab likes the bass preset I worked on .

    Only reason to go to work tomorrow is because I need money . Eventually I'll decide what it will live in as well.

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