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Thread: Attenuators - what's new and current?

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    Easiest solution if you just want to play silently is to buy two power resistors and a 1590b enclosure.

    Wire them in parallel to a jack and you have a super low cost load.

    Also be sure to drill holes for ventilation.

    I did this for amp testing with 2x 16ohm 100w resistors and it gets a little warm to the touch but that's it.

    If you want a dedicated line out on it just add a pot, resistor and jack in like the soldano slave out. You would need to go up to a 1590bb for this though.

    Also the bugera attenuator is the soldano designed jet city one rebranded.

    You can get the same one from mooer, joyo & harley benton too.
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    If you're not recording with it and just want to use the amp, just a get a second hand THD hotplate unless you want to cork sniff. Should be fairly cheap and cheerful to get hold of one. Also, no power leads, no fancy stuff, and it has that fun thing in the front that has electricity arcing across it in a glass tube that makes you feel like you're in dr frankensteins lab. I still have one, because they're useful.

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    I'm sure I'll end up back at a THD, but Amazon Warehouse had a Captor on sale for half off so I grabbed one of those. Will report back once I fiddle with the thing a bit.

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    I use the captor, and have been quite happy with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Überschall View Post
    I use the captor, and have been quite happy with it.
    Agreed, except for the attenuator, which I think cuts too much in the mids for my liking. It's incredible for recording though and runs completely off of phantom power.

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