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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra Commander View Post
    Ced, look at an atomic amplifire. I've got the 3 button, but there is also a 6 and 12 button version.

    It ticks all of your boxes, and the amp modelling IMHO is better than axe fx standard, and helix. I believe it also imports IRs at a higher resolution. It's a tiny bit bigger than the stomp but sounds better, I'm controlling it thru midi while it sits on my rack. It has xlr puts, and built in fx.

    The interface is a bit clunky to use, but other wise it's really good.

    And they can be had cheaper than a stomp if you go used.
    Agree...with all of it. I have the Amplifire 6, and it's freakin' fantastic. UI isn't too bad, once you get used to it. If you're somebody that like to tweak every parameter under the sun it's not for you. If you're the kind that likes to dial in sounds quickly and go....it's a dream come true.
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    I was reading another forum today and someone was talking about how they returned their Headrush and picked up the Hotone Ampero. Ola even reviewed it here:

    It checks off some of your items and doesn't in others. FWIW, the guy didn't like the Headrush because he thought it was too noisy & the built-in noise gate had to be cranked so much that it would eat note sustain. Guy seems to be real happy with the Ampero as a replacement.

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