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Thread: NAD incoming.

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    Not my video but this sort of demonstrates it

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    ^ Yeah I've heard the blue channel is where it's at with these amps. I've played the standard 5150 III, but never the El34. Every video / testimonial I see though says it's phenomenal, so I have high hopes.

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    When I see people not use a EQ in the loop with these amps a tear rolls down my face. Its like a magic trick but real.... once you do it you wont go back.
    Vag Jackson, Man Of Action

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdave View Post
    Awesome. The Donnie clue told me..... we have mentioned those a few times, he might have got one.. I cant remember. I have always liked EL tube amps... I have heard those are great amps... congrats!
    Yep. Totally have one. Best part is it reminds me of this...

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    Arrival day

    I had the opportunity to fire it up this evening after work and I am really impressed. Or at least I was after I turned the volume back down and realized I may have made myself deaf with the first chord I hit. The volume knobs are no joke on this thing.

    So here's my take on it after jamming with it a bit tonight. The clean channel is as expected, sparkling clear. I mean, it's a Fender after all. The blue channel is surprisingly close to a Recto / SLO. It has the same feel and throaty grit a recto does and reacts to an overdrive just like a recto. I was surprised at this channel for sure. The red channel is the business. It's why I wanted this amp. Super saturated, I'll never have the gain past 10 o'clock, and it's every Marshall/Friedman-style heavy rhythm or lead sound I could want. Instant bliss with or without an overdrive in front, but it grinds perfectly when I put a Maxon 808 out front.

    The FX loop and MIDI implementation work perfectly. The manual makes the MIDI setup sound a lot harder than it is.

    The only con I can think of is there is no master volume. The power amp is always on full bore and the channel volumes are preamp volumes. Much like many smaller amps, when you turn the volume past 1 it's an immediate jump to arena volumes, there's no taper. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it makes it harder to set noise gate levels for home, band practice, and live use when you don't have a consistent preamp level to work with.

    Bottom line, this is a fantastic-sounding amp!

    NAD incoming.-evlh-jpg
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    Now you must produce a few videos! Pay your toll!
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