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Thread: 2020 Plectrum Round-up: What are you using?

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    Left to right, all Dunlops as it turns out...

    Nylon 0.46 mm. This is my go-to acoustic pick, for just strumming around the house.

    Tortex 0.60 mm. I've been playing (recording) bass more recently, and I really like the sound of this pick. Something scrapey about these that I seem to really like.

    JP/AJ 2.0 mm sigs. I generally use the JP, but will sometimes grab the AJ. Mostly these seem to sound best with my downtuned Warmoth. I'm not sure why I like them more... that guitar is a 24.75" scale tuned to dB with 10 gauge strings on it, and these picks have zero bend

    Jazz III 1.0 mm. I actually love them fresh with a tip, and worn with less tip. I think the tip is great when you need some cleaner attack, but if you want a little more splash in the attack, the rounded tip is great!

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    BTW, I've tried the Flows and the Primetone, but I can't get on with that sharp grip. I think it's an old-man thing... I just grew up with smooth picks, and learned how to handle them without dropping them. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THE KIDS THESE DAYS
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    I was using 1mm Dunlop Tortex Standards and Big Stubby Picks for a long time. They would wear down very quickly, so I started to look elsewhere.

    I jumped onto a few promotional offers and sample packs from more 'boutique' manufacturers.

    I tried some Winspear plectrums, and was impressed with the variety of shapes but the texture of the material used is a little bit too rough and off putting. The Shuriken Mini 3mm was the best of the bunch.

    I then tried out a large variety pack from Gravity Picks.
    The Gold series (thermoplastic) is a bit overpriced, but the sample pick seemed to be very durable.
    The cheaper Acrylic range seems to combine some of the interesting shapes that Winspear offers, but with a nicer/smoother feeling material. These things take a lot of playing time to wear down, so bonus points for longevity. I'll just have to ignore the terrible spelling and grammar in their emails and on the website, plus slightly too much religious messaging here and there.

    The Blue Polished Stealth Standard 2.0mm is my personal favourite:

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    I'm alternating between Dunlop PrimeTone Flows (1.0mm and 1.5mm are my favourite) and 1.5mm Tortex Jazz III XLs.

    The Flow is an awesome shape (sort of like a regular pick with a Jazz III tip), but I like the slightly longer point on the Jazz III XL, especially for metal and faster stuff. The sweet spot for catching the string is bigger on them, so it probably enables my sloppy playing.

    I definitely prefer the PrimeTone material (it's my favourite pick material I've used) but they're expensive. I got a 72 pack of Jazz III XLs for about the same price as a 6 pack of PrimeTones.

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