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    Strymon is switching to doing 500 series stuff now, like Meris, so I wouldn't be surprised if they did rack units in the future. It would actually make more sense.

    Their stuff is awesome, but whether they are useful as pedals is highly debatable. I personally found them useless. The cons aren't related to quality or sound or anything, but there's a huge list.

    -They don't age well. If you buy a 30 year old Boss or MXR with the corners all beat up and the text and graphics effaced it's like, "Whatever, no big deal". You almost never see Strymons with aesthetic damage. Because no one actually likes stepping on them. You'll never see a Blue Sky or something with a fucking massive gauge or a knob that's been replaced with a mis matched one.

    You could never treat a Strymon like this.

    -You'll just wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats thinking, "where is my pedalboard, there is like, $4000 of gear on that thing". You can't leave them at a practice or rehearsal space, you have to pack it in and out every time. Also, if you load in and another band is stepping over your shit putting their gear on stage you are going to be freaking out the entire time.

    -The most cutting edge units aren't exactly plug and play. They have like 300 page manuals.

    Half their units should have been offered as rack versions like, fucking yesterday. That's a more sensible form factor. That's part of the reason there's such a huge used market on the $500 top end models. It doesn't matter how cutting edge a stomp box is if you aren't actually willing to stomp on it.

    If you've ever been loaned a Strymon unit, there is a 100% chance the person loaning it to you is going to flip out the next day and be like, "I didn't think I would be this worried, ship it back to me, the fastest way possible, fully insured".

    And you'll be like, "Dude I live ten minutes away, can't I just give it back to you in person?"


    The fact the reverbs and modulation stuff aren't offered in rack format is weird as fuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by budda View Post
    Greg never saw my caved in bigsky
    I've seen a couple fucked up ones, you are actually required by law to have a Big Sky on your board if you live in Montana. It's named as a tribute to a famous ski resort.

    Not joking. I moved away from Montana before it was released and then moved back, and literally everybody had this thing on their boards. It didn't even matter if you weren't a $500 FX pedal kind of person. Even the people with like, $250 guitars and a pedalboard that is a piece of cardboard have one. It's considered unpatriotic to not have one. If you have another reverb it will cause tensions. It's sort of a point of state pride. It's considered the official state reverb. The logo is actually pretty much directly lifted from one of their older classic signs, really similar font.

    You can actually tell what part of the US someone is from from their pedalboard. The scene is highly regional. Strymon is fucking massive in the pacific northwest. The Pacific Northwest in general is regarded as having its own scene, every section of the US has one, but the pedal scene there is really specific. Oregon and Washington own a hugely disproportionate number of the boutique pedals in the US.

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