Musical Atrocities: Round 1

View Poll Results: Which of these is the worst?

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  • Uncut string ends

    26 43.33%
  • Leaving the plastic sticker on LED panels

    6 10.00%
  • Intentionally purchasing Line 6 products

    4 6.67%
  • Extra creepy super long classical guitar pinky fingernail

    24 40.00%
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Thread: Musical Atrocities: Round 1

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    Musical Atrocities: Round 1

    Which of these is the worst of the musical atrocities? Go!

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    All of these are bad, but mostly only hurt you. Owning a Line 6 amp hurts you and everyone around you.

    Friends don't let friends buy Line 6.
    C'mon son.


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    Long fingernails are fucking gross

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    Pinky, because real classical guitarists don't even use one. My nails are shorter than many, but the pinky is the only one on my right hand that's cut short.

    Some of the flamenco guys use the pinky pretty well. But they are the freaks of the acoustic guitar world.

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    ME: Les Paul
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    Quick, someone post pics of Michael Schenker.

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    ACTUALLY. As a luthier, i can attest that the sonic return curve on a Floyd Rose equipped guitar having the ball ends still attached has an inverse effect on the gain structure of most 12AX7 tubes, depending on what music you're playing. Once you actually understand how sound and music really work together as one in true harmony, you'll see that having the ball ends on your strings creates a flux aura around the pickups and transitions inwardly with the magnetic response of the pickups.

    Just give in and accept balls as your musical savior.

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    AKA the 80s coke nail . Down with coke nails !!!

    Musical Atrocities: Round 1-dlr-jpgMusical Atrocities: Round 1-dr-rockso-thumb-jpg

    Ummm, did someone here mention cocaine????
    Vag Jackson, Man Of Action

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