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Thread: NAD JTM 60

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    NAD JTM 60

    I was browsing facebook today killing some time, and I came across a guy selling this JTM 60 that needs repairs. I really like fixing things like this up, and he only wanted $25 for it. I've got a speaker and the tubes, though he sold me a quartet of EL34's to go along with it for $30

    I haven't yanked the chassis out yet to see what sort of mess I've gotten myself into, but this should be a cool project. The quick searches I've done so far haven't pulled up a ton of info for them.

    Anyway, I'll post pics as I go.

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    Hell yeah, get that thing going.
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    Good score for that kind of money! I gigged one of these in 1x12 format with a 1x12 extension cab for all of my rock band years, still have them both and still enjoy the simplicity of going direct in, running on channel 1 with the gain cranked.

    Make sure you drain the output caps as soon as you get into the chassis. I've only given myself a shock twice while delving into the guts of valve amps and in both cases they have been JTM 60s. One in the shop I worked in, one in my own amp when going to change the board mounted fuse.

    It looks like this one has already been apart before from the missing extension socket and non-original internal speaker socket may be of use if you've not already got a schematic.



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    Thanks for the link, Neil. Yeah, I have no idea what's been done to it and what hasn't. But worst case for $25 I've got some parts.

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    Hey, cool! myt first tube amp was a JTM30 way back in the day. Not a ton of preamp gain (IIRC the 60 has more), but the clean channel was awesome, clear and glassy at low volumes and got a very JTM45 sort of creamy overdrive to it as you cranked it up. Really great sounding channel.
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    I've always wanted to do something like that, but haven't invested the time yet

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