katana what am i doing wrong please help i beg you
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Thread: katana what am i doing wrong please help i beg you

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    katana what am i doing wrong please help i beg you

    For months now I have been reading up on the Katana50 and everyone talks how great it is, the raving reviews ect so i decided to bite the bullet so I went to my local guitar shop and they had just sold the last one i was like dang it!!! but as I was leaving UPS came in and dropped off 5 more Katana50's the store clerk said here you go the guys barely let me in with covid 19 and all so i just grabbed it and left. i did not wznt to be around people without wearing masks so i just grabbed it and left.
    So I went home and I have been messing with it for the ideal metal tone.not extredme gain just your typical warm tone. but i juzt cant seem to get there....i have it on the brown channel but am i missing something, i even try to get a good tone....am i missing something....please what could i possible be doing wrong with this thing?

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    Ola has his presets linked there too.

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    As with most amps, it might take a little time to get the sound you're looking for. Normally, you start with all the settings (Bass, Mids, and Treble) at around noon, and tweak from there. One thing, that sounds a little counter-intuitive is sometimes you need to turn down one setting, instead of boosting another. It takes some time to figure out your amp, and get your sound. But once you find it, you'll love your amp.

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    Tell us more about your settings, how you got it doesnt matter. Is it a Mk2 model etc. From what I see in YT videos it has a boost but a pedal in front may be a great option. Ive heard they are great little amps so your probly a tweak or two away from good sounds. .... provided you have a good picking hand.

    The link below is to Ola and in the info there is a link to download settings.

    Edit ^^^^^^
    vid above Chris linked
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    Sometimes you just have to walk away and come back to it too. If you've been fucking around with it for awhile your ears can get fatigued and you just can't seem to get what you want out of it. Come back to it later and just play around, and don't stress out about it.

    I've had similar experiences with amps before and they end up being one of my favorites. When I got my Framus Dragon I couldn't seem to get it dialed in to where I wanted it, came back to it later and boom, it was just my ears. Cranking it in a basement with concrete all around me in a tiny room probably didn't help matters

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    You are literally just setting it on a default amp setting and cranking the gain up arnt you?

    Try "boosting" the amp with an overdrive. You can connect the amp to a computer (or i think there are mobile apps that do it) and there are a plethora of pedals you can play around with. Pair an amp setting with an overdrive as a boost. I did this on my friend's katana 50 and got some amazing metal tones. You have everything you need right there in that box. You just have to figure out how to use it.

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