Looking for advice on whether to keep pedals and BIAS FX2
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Thread: Looking for advice on whether to keep pedals and BIAS FX2

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    Looking for advice on whether to keep pedals and BIAS FX2

    Hello all!

    Been away for a while. We moved into a condo and I pretty much said good bye to all my heads/cabs.

    I bought BIAS FX2, Amp and Pedal. I'm running it through an older Scarlet into my desktop and it works great (after I updated the driver). I've monkeyed around with the tone cloud and downloaded some settings and overall I have to say I'm happy with it.

    I've also kept a Marshall JMP-1 for old times sake.

    But here's the question. If I'm going in the computer based direction. Is there any point in keeping pedals?

    My polytune is probably still useful?

    But what about wah, fuzz, flanger etc?

    Are noise gates necessary for PC setups?

    Howabout power supply?

    If not I'm thinking of releasing those things back into the wild as space is a premium in 700 sq ft.

    Thanks in advance!

    I should add that it's very unlikely that I will need a portable rig. If I do it's probably be a Line 6 pod go and something to amplify it.
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    if space is truly at a premium i guess selling your pedals and going all software is the way to go. You can use pedals with an audio interface.

    i have an HX stomp and it is small and does a lot so that or the Pod Go or something similar might be nice.

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    What about noise gates or is that not necessary in the digital world?

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    I use Bias FX 2 and I see 0 need for pedals, if you arnt planning on having a in room amp and dont want to keep them just in case, sell um. I keep a mini tube rig a old modeler and use Bias 2 just to have a variety.
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    i could see keeping an expression pedal laying around to control a wah wah effect but with multiFX software like BiasFX or something like the helix/HX Stomp you don't need any pedals. since i picked up the stomp, I haven't needed to touch my pedalboard once and my scarlett 2i2 is just collecting dust as the HX stomp doubles as an interface. I went with a 12" headrush powered FRFR speaker(basically a PA intended for this application) and it totally rips. I remember Randy saying the 8" version he picked up was killer as well so if I needed to save space I'd have gotten that one. Something just feels right about 12" for guitar though, even if its just a placebo.

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    If there's something digital can do it well, sell 'em.
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    personally, i enjoy a splitable setup that also accomplishes two things at once. You jam on it (and get your fun room tone from it), while splitting the signal with a DI box to get your raw guitar for your amp sims, reamping, etc. This way, you can just fire it up and record with the room tone your familiar with and just jam and write and capture takes instead of wasting time tweaking the amp sim. And by "splittable", I mean when you want to take your combo into the living room to jam along with the tv or the stereo, or to a friends living room, just unplug the DI cable and take your little rig with you. We just have one office with a family computer (which also has my music crap).... so when the family needs the computer, I can just take my little combo and pedals to another room and fiddle around.

    My little old as dirt Kustom Dual 30RC combo has a series effects loop.
    Radial Pro DI box splits signal
    Path 1 - to my interface
    Path 2 - Wah > KSR Ceres > EQ > Delay > amp's effects return

    You can do all that without pedals.... Just have a guitar, DI box splitter, then a combo amp of your choice, but pedals are fun. Pedals or not, I do like having a little combo where I can get a workable tone much faster than I would getting paralyzed by the infinite options found in plugins. So even if I never used this as a portable rig that moved to different rooms, I find playing through a small amp - and capturing a DI tone to mess with later - much more efficient and fun.

    About noise gates.... I dunno... maybe if i mic up my combo, but aren't there plugins for that?

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    I find some fuzzes aren't great in modellers, especially something like the fuzz face that cleans up when the vol pot is rolled back, something about the low impedance, even on the axefx where you can change the impedance settings its still not right.

    Most drives i have on my board can be replicated in the axefx, but i enjoy building pedals so i keep them on my board.

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