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Thread: This guy makes me want to buy a bunch of preamps

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    This is the one that got me along with the Zakk one and now Marty.
    I loved Nuno's tone on "Pornograffitti." That guy is awesome, I'd love to spend a day with him to learn more about rack gear in the studio.
    My favorite rack gear I ever got to use was a 87' or 88' Soldano SLO and it was stupid good. I had a smile on my face every time I played it.

    Ok. Sorry for the coming rant but it has to happen along with you guys... As a guy who grew up with at home recording studios.
    I'm so sick of it... All of it... I have my own little studio at my house but I never intended on trying to make a Roadrunner & Warner Bros. Records Quality type of record, mainly it's for guest solos and demos. I one day want to save my money and work with a proper producer/studio. Save costs wherever we need to on our own if need be.

    That being said, everybody thinks they are a producer and that their band is going to rule. I've never seen so many bands and guitarists who sound alike. It almost makes not even want to attempt to write a Metal album because there is so much overdone stuff that is the same in every new band, so it makes it wicked hard to come up with something new or maybe that's what I need.
    Producers helped make bands who they are today. If it wasn't Ted Templeman Van Halen wouldn't sound nearly as iconic as they do today and Eddie has so many defining moments because of that man. Same goes for Max Norman (1st Ozzy Records w/Randy, Wicked Sensation, Megadeth). And those are just a couple, Paul O' Neil saved Savatage for goodness sakes and the bros. had huge opportunities: Jon (to audition for Black Sabbath) and Criss to walk onto Megadeth w/no audition. But Paul kept them together and made some killer records and then TSO. These guys brought the best out of these bands and pushed them even harder. No one has that hardly anymore, so there's mediocre music with no fighting to make it the very best it can be. I mean guys in The Eagles, AC/DC, Metallica would fight over songs. Nowadays it's just like, "Hey, let's do this. I got all these riffs, I just bought these plugins and we can sound like everyone else down the corner of the street and we can record it from home too." I'm over it... I argue with my one friend all the time about so many of these bands that just play Heavy Riffs, Scream and blast drums the whole time. He will show me these new bands that he will think I'll love and I'm like, 'Well they sound like Born of Osiris, Periphery, The Contortionist or Tesseract but like worse.' Nothing inventive like some of the guys were when they came out. Now everybody's guitar tone sounds like a Machine-Gun off of like Halo or something.

    And it's been a while that even the bands I mentioned, that I have heard a song from them that made me want to listen to it again. Then again I don't really consider myself a huge fan of any of them (nothing personal, they all have had killer stuff) aside from Tesseract and them having the most amazing singer of that genre, Dan Tompkins. I miss great and proper songwriting with some hooks, a killer riff, accents to please you ear and a groove to settle into. Now everyone just sounds the same: Loud, Fast and HEAVY. I can't imagine what it would be like if like Pantera came out like now. I don't know if they would be loved or just crapped on.

    I just want to hear a clever band again and who thinks outside of the box. However, my frustration could just stem from me being tired of listening to ADD music. I don't know.

    Side note: When is Scar Symmetry coming back?
    If anyone has any prayer requests, need to talk, or have questions about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Feel free to message me.

    God Bless, Venator

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    Well fuck. I opened a can of worms here didnt I.

    I'm just as guilty as anybody. Lord knows it's taken me all of lockdown to produce 4 finished songs. I intended on doing a full album but I just couldn't make it happen. Its partly option paralysis, partly crippling general anxiety that stifles my every day life anyway, so yeah I understand, the DIY approach isn't exactly the gravy train some people make it out to be.

    But holy crap that was not the point

    I was just echoing the youtube guys comment that it's just easier to get a good tone now, period, psychology lesson aside.

    You're right Chris - I didnt give a fuck at the time. I was far too busy practicing how to make my guitar "do that squeal thing".

    But if you watch the video it's just a tongue-in-cheek, glib, passing comment, like "and by the way..." Not to be taken as "YOUNG PEOPLE SUCK!" Just that you had to work a little harder if you wanted pro-level tones.

    Now, let's get back to gawping over outdated rack gear that sounds really average by today's standards that I'm going to buy regardless...

    Having said that, the second hand prices of ADA MP-1's have certainly skyrocketed in recent times!! I guess that's the double-edged sword of outdated gear - on the one hand people dont use it in any professional capacity anymore, but by that token people see them as a collectable relic and a thing of the past. Fucking internet!
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    You should look out for a peavey rock master. I picked mine up for 30 quid and I love it. It reminds me of a slightly more vintage voiced 5150

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra Commander View Post
    You should look out for a peavey rock master. I picked mine up for 30 quid and I love it. It reminds me of a slightly more vintage voiced 5150
    Good shout! i'll keep my eyes peeled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venator View Post
    Side note: When is Scar Symmetry coming back?
    That's what I want to know. A couple weeks ago, I was talking with the guitarist in my old band and I said "Hey, Scar Symmetry's newest album is AMAZING." But then I went to check when it came out and was kind of shocked to see that it came out SIX YEARS AGO in 2014 (I think I bought it in 2015, so don't get the idea that I just bought it now and thought it had just come out). I was sure that had to be a mistake, but nope, that's how long it's been since it came out. Scar Symmetry was my favorite band for quite a while, and even now they're still up there, but Dark Matter Dimensions was a huge disappointment after Holographic Universe (which was itself a huge drop in quality from Pitch Black Progress, which is one of my favorite albums of all time), so I didn't even bother (at the time) to pick up The Unseen Empire (and to be honest, I probably would've been disappointed in it if I had picked it up when it came out in 2011, which to be honest, I had NO idea it was even coming out/had even come out). But as time went on, both Dark Matter Dimensions and The Unseen Empire massively grew on me (and I've come to appreciate Holographic Universe a LOT more than when it originally came out). But The Singularity Part I totally blew me away. I'll even say that, of the 6 Scar Symmetry albums and the 3 Solution .45 albums, The Singularity: Part I is my second favorite (Pitch Black Progress is still #1 for me).

    And that just makes me wonder... What the hell happened? And when is The Singularity: Part II coming out?! IT'S BEEN SIX YEARS! (and almost seven years if we count from when the album was recorded)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    I saw that video yesterday, so awesome! For all this guy's knowledge and gear, his Triaxis video still did not use the 2:90. Same problem I had with Leon Todd's Triaxis video. Come on, guys. The sound of that preamp is coupled with the 2:90, mainly in Deep/Modern modes.

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    That DCP is killer and I'd love to get my hands on one. I checked out his Kemper profiles of that pre and compared them against my Langner clone and they sound pretty similar. Wish the DCP wasn't so rare, because I'd imagine it'd be held in really high regard if more people had heard of it.
    C'mon son.


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    Yep, that guy is partially to blame of my current preamp fever. I have two in pedal format and another two racks and I'm not stopping there

    BTW, about the "these guys make everything sound awesome". If you watch older videos you can see the evolution. It's a different art to master that has little to do with actually playing the guitar. How well their studios are acoustically treated and the equipment they use is critical. Ola's recording interface alone is 2k. So yeah, a random kid chugging a Blub pack into their 100$ Focusrite Scarlet and JBL LSR monitors in their bedrooms ain't gonna cut it.

    In this "Youtube age" being a producer matters almost as much as being a good player.

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