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Thread: JHS 3 Series

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    JHS 3 Series

    I have been wanting to get a fuzz pedal. At $99 this seems like a good sounding pedal. Is there a better alternative at the same price point?

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    I love the ultra generic look of these.

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    A flashback to my childhood

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    These don't sound too shabby. I wish the delay had a tap tempo but it seems to work ok without it .

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    In all honesty I would skip them.

    Purely because JHS's regular line is worth what they go for. I have a couple of their $200 pedals and some of the utility boxes like the splitter and buffer. All worth the money.

    These probably rule, but I would rather pay more and get the full thing. It's not like $200 is that expensive for a pedal anymore anyways. That's the going rate for a serious stompbox these days. That's not even considered boutique anymore. There are still some "pro" pedals in the $70-100 range, but the standard for "mid level" pedals has been $100-200 for fucking ever now.

    These also excise features from the "full" models. I would be kind of interested in the chorus if I didn't have one already, but the JHS Emperor Chorus I already have has more features.

    The pedals probably rule though. JHS makes good shit, and the dude who runs the company is awesome. I think this is a great buy for the audience he is trying to cater to. He's pretty open about that. If you are just out of high school, yeah, the $70-100 pedals are for you.

    Anyone here though, I would just pay a bit more for the full thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lespauled View Post
    A flashback to my childhood

    Spot on.

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    Not the same price point because its cheaper but the behringer super fuzz is worth getting if your after a fuzz.

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    I really like this idea - most manufacturers seem to be more focused on features (like a professional-spec guitar that's made in China). I like how this should get you the same overall quality as the other JHS pedals, and the features are where he saves money.

    I've been after a compressor, so I can see myself picking this up as my next pedal. I'd like to hear the distortion some more, too. It seems like it could be sort of a DS-1/Rat hybrid, which would be right up my alley.

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