NAD: Total overkill
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Thread: NAD: Total overkill

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    NAD: Total overkill

    NAD: Total overkill-original_76f35969-1c39-4e7d-9231-0e7caf32800c_pxl_20201003_161943807-jpg

    My first Rectifier thanks to Ryan (Mr. S). I've had about 10 minutes using Channel 3 with the SD-1. Sounds killer but really needs to be cranked. Once the neighbour has gone out, I'll get my chance then

    But anyway, I think this is just what I was looking for. Any suggestions on getting the best from these?

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    That thing shall be dearly missed. I borrowed it many times between owning my two previous Dual Recs.

    SD1 doesn't quite have enough juice on tap to push these into a more liquid territory IME. An OD808 or TS-9 is the ticket, as they have a few more db on tap than the Boss.

    Just bear in mind, Rectifier distortion is incredibly clean and gritty. Absolutely no compression, and tons of low end. I always kept the bass very low, like 9-10 o clock, even when boosted, and use the presence dial to wash out some of the low mids.
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    Agreed on the SD1. It's alright but could do with a touch more oomph. I'm off to guitarguitar tomorrow so I may pick something up while I'm there. You'll notice the L500xl you sold me in the Warmoth there Matt

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    Hope you enjoy it dude!

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    Congrats! Happy jamming!
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    Mattyus is spot on. Rectos on modern have tons of low end, and the distortion is wide open. The low end cut of a TS is great for tightening up the bottom and compressing the preamp.

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    St9 pro + immediately

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    Simply awesome amp!! I used that exact same model for years. Throw a Maxon 808 or a Grid Slammer in front for exactly what that amp needs. If I'm seeing it correctly, it's the same model triple I had, and if you search this forum there's an old thread of mine for modding the FX loop to serial if you want it to play nice with digital effects.

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