EVH 5150 III LBX Stealth
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Thread: EVH 5150 III LBX Stealth

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    EVH 5150 III LBX Stealth

    So far its the only video/review/play that i found online.

    Makes me want one just because of the cool Lights

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    I saw these a month ot so ago, Just like the LBX II version but red instead of blue channel. Cool that they tweak the gain knobs etc but its just like the II version for me... i.e. a clean channel I just dont need. I can see if someone did want really clean cleans getting one of the offspring though. For me, I dont need any more clean than the blue channel and useing my volume knob on the guitar, so having both the blue and red channels is still how Id go if I was buying a new one.
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    It's the right mix, finally! The green channel + red channel, with a smoother gain taper on the red channel. Only flaw is it's still EL84, but for a bedroom amp, this and the Mark V25 absolutely have to be the cream of the crop IMO.

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    I've been gassing massively for an LBX for the last year or so, and I'm desperately trying to avoid buying one

    If this makes the price of the LBX 1 fall any further I may have to do it.

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    Very cool! Would be nice if it had some sort of direct out option.

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    If I hadn't just bought two amps, this would be on my radar immediately. Love this guy's videos, although the tone he dials in never quite gets me where I'd want to go. But, he's still one of my fave YTers.
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