So I just bought my first compression pedal (I've used a compressor on my Boss Ms-3 multi fx...) and I'm having trouble getting a decent tone out of it. I think I know sorta what I'm doing but I can't get to unity gain/volume with the pedal on and not distort the signal. I'm just using it to compress my clean tone a little bit, but no matter what I do the pedal adds this grit to my tone. It's the Mxr super comp one, so it has three knobs: output, attack level and sensitivity. I have to have the output almost at 3 o'clock to get to unity gain/volume and by then the signal is so hot that it starts breaking up a little and also the low end kinda disappears. I can't get it to work no matter how I fiddle with the other knobs too. I've watched youtube videos of this thing and it sounds nice and clean on those. Could it actually be there's something wrong with the pedal I bought the pedal used so I have no idea how old it is or how it's been treated. Help me!