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    New Rig Day

    Trigger Chris content

    Sold off a bunch stuff I wasn't using (Bias Head, Headrush 112, JCM800, some others). Got on the FM3 waiting list, in the meantime I picked up a Nux MG-300. Actually really cool multieffect especially for the price, tons of functionality for the price ($150!). Unfortunately I needed recording interface functionality, and the Nux has it but it didn't play nice with my other devices. Sold that off and found a deal on a non-headphone FM3 to tide me over until my space in line. Killer unit

    Also picked up the Line 6 Powercab. I know Budda is familiar with these, the main thing is that they're an actually pretty classy looking FRFR in their own right but functionally does some cool stuff. The speaker sim (as opposed to cabinet sims) are hyped for sounding more like an amp in the room, and they seriously do, it's killer. Liked the base model so much, I got a Powercab 112 Plus for some added speaker sims and to be able to run the FM3 stereo with two different speaker models at once. Sounds and works great.

    Best rig I've had. Super flexible, great for jamming and recording. FM3 does a ton, and it's compact. Haven't had any necessity in additional buttons but the FC6 is a neat option.

    Anyway, here it is with my Uglyberger

    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    That is the millennialest thing I've seen all day

    But, very cool

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    That is one ugly guitar buddy.

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    But does it djent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    But does it djent?
    So far it's chugg'd, it's spandex'd and it's acoustic sim'd quite gloriously.

    Haven't djent'd but it's got a Bulb preset that sounds like having an icepick jabbed in your ear, so the potential is there.

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    Out of all the guitar you make, you show the Gumby looking one?

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    Nerdy rig, so a nerdy guitar seemed appropriate.

    Anyway these Powercabs are fucking sick. I wish the 212 wasn't so stupid overpriced because stereo with two different speaker models in the same box would be great. But as it is you can get two 112s for less than the 212, so why bother?

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    congrats on the sweet new rig!

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