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    It's good to see full sized valve heads are alive and well enough for these to be relevant again. They're rising in popularity (probably thanks to the youtube crowd jumping on board the new ones)... I've only ever played through 7DT's clone, but if that's anything to go by then it's a hell of an amp, and for my money one of the best I've ever played through.

    It's good to see amps making a comeback full stop tbh, which is funny considering nobody's gigging any more There's some wildly over the top home rigs going on right now... But hey at least when we can gig again we'll all be rocking the sickest rigs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegetta View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Nice! Would love to try one but I'm not going to pay the asking price and I don't have the drive to get a second job fir one <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Laugh" class="inlineimg" />

    Regarding delays/verbs I got a earthquaker devices avalanche run recently and I love it. Can do everything from subtle stuff for solos to massive, and I do mean massive texture style ambient tones. Also has expression pedal input if your into that.
    I have an avalanche run and its damn good. The only real take away is it doesn't display the BPM or have presets but it sounds very nice. It is a power hog(410mA!!) so if you have a cheap power supply it probably will not have enough juice to power it. Oh and you cannot change the delay/reverb order either.

    I love the OBNE Dark Star reverb its one pedal that will always be on my board.

    for a chorus just get a Walrus Julia they are amazing and also do a passable trem as well.
    Yeah thats no lie, forget about daisy chaining an avelanche run

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    I forgot to add, great ngd (work is work).
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    You absolute piece of shit. HNAD!

    Catalinbread Talisman is amazing for reverb, but can be iffy with loops. Works fine for cleans if that's what you're looking for, but on my amps it starts overloading when I start to approach high gain. Sounds so friggin' good that it's worth the tradeoff for me, but ymmv.

    Carbon Copy for delay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Yeah thats no lie, forget about daisy chaining an avelanche run
    What do you mean by that? (Sorry language barrier ). I was looking at buying one.
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    From what I see just make sure effects are line level output and the loop should be fine.
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    Congrats man!

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