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Thread: Unpopular opinion time

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    Unpopular opinion time

    I'd be interested to hear others' unpopular opinions in this thread. Here's a few of mine to get us started:

    I don't like this new wave of overpriced overdrive pedals that simply pop out and accentuate the 1.6 KHz frequency. (Grind, Horizon Drive, 33, etc.) - I personally don't think they sound good through any guitar in D standard or higher tuned, and they only seem to work with deeply detuned guitars. Give me a tubescreamer variant any day over those, they're just not my cup of tea.

    I think mic recording is NOT overrated. I've been using IRs for 10ish years now, and they're amazing and the only way I can record anymore. Having said that, a miked up amp blasting a 57 and a 121, properly set-up of course, and pushed through a tube pre and a 1176, will crush a recording done with IRs.

    Not sure if this is unpopular, but I wish EL84s would stop being made. I love the idea of mini amps, lunchbox amps, but the only ones I've really jived with have bigger tubes in them. The MT15, with 2x6L6 and a smaller transformer is the model to emulate IMO in the lunchbox space.

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    There are better mic choices for guitars than just an SM57.

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    Van Halen's solo in Beat It was a load of nonsense, it absolutely sounds like the first thing he played when he walked in the room. And all Vivian Campbell solos are pointless wanking too.

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    The Badlander amp sounds like mud and even Ola couldn’t make it sound good.

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    The right Marshall sounds better for metal than the right Mesa.

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    Mesas are really the only amps that need overdrives.

    Also the Fractal recto models sound better than actual rectos. A lot better.

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    Fractal is horrendously over priced, at least in the EU, especially compared to the competition.

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    Mesa cabs, while great, are incredibly overused and overrated.
    C'mon son.


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