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Thread: Synergy amps / modular amps

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    I have been tempted to go this route for a while now. There is even some backwards compatibility with the Randall and Egnator stuff.

    "You can use old modules in the SYN1, SYN2, SYN30 and SYN-50 (basically all Synergy hardware).
    You can use Synergy modules in old Randall gear but only one channel of the Synergy module will work (because Randall hardware was based on single channel modules). For those Synergy modules where channel 1 is different than channel 2, we provided a switch on the PCB allowing you to select which channel will engage when used in Randall gear.
    You can use Synergy modules in old Egnater gear such as M4 and MOD50 and both channels will work.
    Best performance of course will be Synergy modules with Synergy hardware. The new modules have the cathode biasing selection switch circuitry which is not present on any previous hardware units."

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    Paging 7DT.......He has a Randall 3 module head with a conversion to allow multi-channel Synergy modules.

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    They all look and sound shit hot. At some point I want the 2ch rack mount with a VH4 and Pittbull UL module.

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    Ive seen lots of great sounding vids with these. The SLO, Savage and HBE where particularly nice. Id think one of these through that 2:90 with a splash of reverb and delay would be pretty sick. Not cheap, but way less than the actual amps.
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    I know someone who has got one and he is very happy with it. I believe he has the SLO module.

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    I know exactly the Synergy rig I want to build, and exactly how much it will cost, which helps me to not buy it

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    I have the Synergy, with the Plexi, 800, Friedman BB/BE, VH4, Vai, as well as a few MTS modules: Grail, Mr Scary, Ultra XL, and MG+. I love it. With the SYN1, I can bring it to the studio and hook it up to the studio amp, and turn it into any amp that I plug into the Synergy.

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    So, I modded my randall rm100 to take synergy modules. Easy to do too. Turns it into a 6 channel midi switchable amp. With a power section that'll take damn near any valve. I'd recommend doing this.

    So far:
    - Soldano modules is very close if not dead on, i attributed difference between my clone and the slo module to el34 (randall) vs 6l6 (sloclone)
    - Extacy module is great, but
    - Uberschall is one to get
    - TDLX is good for cleans and low gain sounds.
    - Fryette modules have got really good reviews. I kind of fancy one
    - VH4 module is apparently really good too

    - BE odule was crap, sold it
    - Savage module I didn't like at all, but I don't like ENGL, so YMMV

    In terms of old randall modules (still compatible with synergy)
    - Dan Donegan module is really good. Despite Dan Donegan.
    - Xtacy module is flat as fuck compared to the synergy one
    - Ultra module can be kind of fun

    You can also start getting her salvation audio modules too, and his shit is pretty fucking awesome. There's another company as well that does stuff, but name escapes me.

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