Behringer effects pedals are now just $19
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Thread: Behringer effects pedals are now just $19

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    I may have accidentally ordered the digital reverb that I don't really need.

    Article here.

    Behringer's compact stompbox range of effects pedals were already cheap but now they are a crazy $19 bargain over at Sweetwater following the announcement of Behringer parent company Music Tribe's 'super partnership' with the US retailer.
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    Hmmmm... anyone ever use the 808 clone or the 7 band EQ?
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    From what I understand, these pedals are sound very good, the tradeoff being they're made in China and are plastic.

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    I've owned my fair share of Behringer stuff just like most of us, and I've never had an issue with any of it. I have a rack headphone distribution/splitter of theirs that's over 20 years old now and still works perfectly.

    I'm in for a $19 overdrive. You can never have too many boosts, and I spent more than that on dinner last night.

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    Fuck them. They donít want to deal with anyone but massive companies now, because itís inconvenient. Fuck Behringer, and fuck TC Electronic.

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    Their circuits are direct clones of well known pedals. They use cheaper parts and plastic enclosures. They are not (from what I've seen) particularly road-worthy, but should be fine for bedroom warriors.

    FWIW, I have never owned any Behringer gear, so I can't comment with any first hand experience.

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    I have an ancient Euro Rack but nothing recent from them. For that price I think i would just go the Mooer/Donner/Enos/etc clone route and get a metal enclosure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    TC Electronic.
    Talk about a brand I haven't cared about in a long time. I do miss the era where TC and Lexicon were just going at it releasing new rack gear every year.

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