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Thread: Pedals: what's everyone looking for in 2021?

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    I'd honestly like to see Strymon step up and make a multi-effect pedal with 2 loops and MIDI. Their own take on the G System / Boss MS3 / HX Effects to be used in 4CM. It probably won't happen anytime soon, but my preferred pedalboard is usually around something like that. The extra loop or two adds flexibility to add analog overdrives and delays, and that's just awesome.

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    Im trying to find a older memory man. I also want to find a real tape delay but that is more a dream at this point, not keen on spending that much on one effect but i have some searches saved on various sites and if one comes up for the right price i may pull the trigger (and have instant buyers remorse!)

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    I've been thinking of trying to solder some kits - there's a local company in Helsinki that has e.g. a Rat-kit with NOS parts, as well as some OD808 kits. Would be pretty cool to try it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    I used to want one because of Guthrie Govan. But I honestly donít know how itís voiced or anything.
    It's honestly been that long since I had mine I can't remember how it's voiced I just know it was a fucking killer pedal the responded beautifully, and the switchable Q for the midboost function was a brilliant touch. It's also relay switchable too, so I can swap it in and out with my HX Stomp.

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    I'm thinking about the Seymour Duncan power amp in a pedal. I've got a matrix I used with an axe fx, but since I'm using the atomic, ive added a diezel vh4 pedal, it seems to make more sense having a pedal board over a rack with fcb1010

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    Maybe this year I get an MC8, but with the way work is going I'm not holding my breath .
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    Now that I've upped my online guitar community cred by getting a sweet vintage Rat, I'm in the process of building a clone of a ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud, which is basically a more flexible Big Muff.

    I love fuzz, but not just straight-up into a clean amp. I like using it in conjunction with high gain (i.e. putting a fuzz pedal in the front of a high gain amp, but with low fuzz settings, almost like an overdrive) in order to get a thicker, more lo-fi tone for certain textures.

    This is all well and good but most fuzzes (Big Muffs especially) can't do this because they're so bassy and scooped. It just makes your amp shit the bed. You have to run an EQ after, or before, or run an OD in line with it or something.

    The Fallout Cloud has bass and treble controls on it, and it's altogether smoother and more amp-friendly than a classic fuzz. You can really dial it in for your set-up, and it enables you to get all kinds of fuzz tones, not just Big Muff types.
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    I'm perfectly content with my HX Stomp when it comes to recording, but lately I've been going down the pedal road more and more for just jamming. The cheapskate in me is taking a hard look at Donner and Behringer stuff right now - I love my Donner Gate - absolutely can't beat it for $30 and I love how it can go from hard gate to smooth with just a toggle flip. But if money were no object, I'd grab a Strymon Sunset in a heartbeat. And, possibly one or more of the pre-amp pedals I see on YT so often these days...
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