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Thread: Pedals: what's everyone looking for in 2021?

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    A Skyhammer and/or Meatsmoke in the pedal variant is on my short list this year.

    All the doom. All of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not Mr. Test View Post
    A Skyhammer and/or Meatsmoke in the pedal variant is on my short list this year.

    All the doom. All of it.
    The Meatsmoke amp is the most overkill, unruly thing I've ever heard in my life. If the pedal even captures a snippet of it, that's amazing.

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    maybe a delay and reverb finally. I'd also love to pickup some other modulation type effect but I'm not sure which. it'll probably end up being a chorus or flanger. I just ordered a new head and cab but it won't be here til February. I have a pedalboard going but there's not much on it. Just a wah, SD-1, couple graphic EQs and a tuner.

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    MB: Squier 5 string P-bass
    Rig: Mark V

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    I'm pretty much pedal'd out. I have a Strymon Timeline in the loop, a TS808 kit pedal I built mostly just to have something to take to blues jams, back when people went places, and some sort of TC Electronics looper I just bought from Chris that I haven't bothered to even take out of the box yet, just because a dedicated looper is fun. I also have a couple wahs that mostly gather dust, and a volume pedal that does the same, come to think of it.

    2021 purchases will likely just be more mic preamps, if anything, but even then that's not really a desperate need - the BAE's fucking kill on electric guitars and direct bass, and I'm realy happy with the CAPIs on acoustic, and that's about all I routinely track. Maybe something a little more tailored to vocals, just to have in the rack, but that's an awfully wide range of what that could be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    Now that I've upped my online guitar community cred by getting a sweet vintage Rat, I'm in the process of building a few dual Rat rackmount overdrives, some of which I'll sell for exorbitant prices that reflect the value of my time.

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    I already got my Strobostomp HD. I'd like another chorus to add to the board for chorusy cleans. I'm using my Bos CE5 for 80s distorted chorus tones right now. Maybe a different delay but I'm not that picky so I'm pretty happy with the DD3.
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    Looking towards a Tone Bender style pedal pedal; namely a Ramble FX Twin, a Geiger Counter Bit Crusher and an El Capistan.

    And one of these obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    I'll see what I can do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloody_Inferno View Post
    Looking towards a Tone Bender style pedal pedal
    Tone Bender's are such a piece of piss to build. If you're even semi-handy with a soldering iron it'll be a really quick and easy project for you. Cheap to spec up too, can do it for about $30!
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