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Thread: Programmable loop switchers, function controllers

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    Im currently using voodoo labs stuff. Its ok, works great, no problems at all. They have a very competetive price too. There are others that are better, but more money. I recomend vinyl wrapping the gcp so it stays new looking while you label and spill beer and whiskey or coffee on it... heaven forbid you stomp on it.

    The audio switcher only has 8 loops, but all thier products integrate. Im running an audio switcher and pedal switcher off a gcx. You can link gcx's too for perhaps a guitar tech off stage or something. A single gcx controlls up to 4 switchers(32 loops) and an unlimited # of pedal switchers. All contacts on gcx's are gold nitrogen sealed 1/4". I use the gcx for amp A,B,Y, ing, channel changing and fx controlling. Then the pedal swtcher is controlled by the gcp and switches racked pedals.

    The gcx runs in 3 modes, 10 preset mode and 4 preset mode, then either can be set as needed and banked in order of your set list. This way all fx needed for a song will be pulled under one roof. The gcx will also hold two expression/ volume pedals. With one button you can change amps, channel, rack and pedal fx.

    The wiring will take time to get the way you want it on mre extensive systems. I put in a rjm line mixer and went parellel in stereo. This gave me equipment anxiety and took a lot of time from playing. In the end it improved my playing big by way of sound. Its a good system, durable, and easy to program and use. Priced competitively. I like mine, but have little to compare it to.

    Sorry, I miss spoke myself, its the gcp that runs in 3 modes obviously. Also note worthy, is the built in buffer splitter input. Input thru for a split non buffered signal, guitar in for a split buffered signal.Im pushing a ton of cable, so I use the buffer (recomended) and use actives. It really does sound good, but its still no streight jacked guitar direct to amp. Thats how Id record personally.

    @ petereanima; voodoo labs can be set up like that. They call it a momentary switch function. And it can use expression pedals or volumes with insert point cables. Both of those functions work like cc messages on voodoo lab stuff.

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    My favourite one G-LAB GSC-3
    Suplies 9V up to six pedals, has buffer, eight loops, Awesome

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    Old thread, but anyone using the FCB1010 with an Axe-FX?
    "Oh, those jazz guys are just making that stuff up!" - Homer J. Simpson

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    I am.

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    MA: Emerald X20 Artisan
    MB: STR LS-648
    Rig: Mk IVa / Fractal AX8

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    The II or one of the older ones? How do you like it?

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    I really like the Boss MS3. 3 loops and multi fx. It also can switch the 3 channels on my JSX.
    Way less tap dancing. Still programming it, to get into the deaper functions.

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    For an FCB1010 with a axe fx2 you can get the retrofit chip, forget what it is, but it's dead easy to install. Turns the FCB1010 into what looks like a fractal MFC I believe

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