Programmable loop switchers, function controllers
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Thread: Programmable loop switchers, function controllers

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    Programmable loop switchers, function controllers

    I've been looking into these things a lot and thought can't find a good list of the available options, so let's make one. If you know of any available options post them and we'll get a nice list happening. Accounts of first hand experiences would be great.

    I'm thinking it's best to divide into dedicated floor based and rack units. Discontinued units are cool, you never know what ebay will bring. This is for gadgets that allow amp functions to be switched, programmable effects loops etc. If you're not familiar with this stuff click on some links and you'll get the idea.

    (mostly) Rack -

    RJM Effect Gizmo
    RJM Amp Gizmo / Mini Amp Gizmo
    RJM RG-16

    Axcess Electronics GRX4 - possibly no longer available, hopefully they'll get back on their feet

    Voodoo Lab GCX

    Voodoo Lab Control Switcher

    Laney Babelswitch - discontinued and rare, 4 switching functions + 2 independent loops

    Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8

    Rocktron Patchmate - original not in production

    Brunetti Matrix

    Custom Audio Electronics - Bob Bradshaw's company

    Mesa Boogie Midi Matrix

    Sound Sculpture Switchblade

    Sound Sculpture Footsim

    Kittyhawk Midi Looper / Midi Switcher

    Scholz Octopus - out of production

    Rolls - I think they did one

    Advance Tube Technology

    Vermona Loop Jack


    Mark L

    Floor programmable -

    Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher

    Voodoo Lab Commander - works with Pedal Switcher

    Brunetti Vector

    Musicom EFX MkII

    Carl Martin Combinator - non midi

    Carl Martin Octaswitch - non midi


    The Gig Rig

    Providence PEC-2 / PEC-4


    Floor non-programmable -

    someone contribute, I haven't looked into these much

    Providence RX

    Midi foot controllers only -

    cicognani - nice looking controllers, with a handy looking compact model

    Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro

    Custom Audio Electronics

    Roland FC-300

    Roland GFC-50

    Roland FC-200 and FC-100 - discontinued

    Behringer FCB1010

    Rocktron MidiMate / All Access


    Nobels MF-2


    Advance Tube Technology

    Skrydstrup very heavy duty and modular

    Mark L

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    Attn: Mods! I'm thinking it might be cool to expand this into a kind of Rig Control and Organization type thread including power supplies for pedals, pedal boards and stuff like that. What think ye? Change of thread title?

    place holders for now...

    Power supplies

    please contribute


    Burkey Flatliner

    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2

    Dunlop DC Brick / CAE Power System

    The Gig Rig Generator

    Mark L

    Pedal boards

    please contribute

    Pedal Train

    Trailer Trash

    Cables and misc

    please contribute

    Lava Cable

    Bayou Cables

    Pedal snake

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    I own the RG16, and its a breeze to use. I've not used the buffer on it much, I initially had a problem cable which ended up causing massive problems with the buffer, and I since just haven't got round to trying it again (everything is up at the rehearsal room, so going for a reason other than band rehearsal and recording is a bit annoying).

    All you do it set it to the channel you want, program your MIDI controller to use that channel, and send out the program change you want, then you simply press the button on the controller, then press the buttons corresponding to which pedal(s)/loop(s) you want on, and hold the "Store" button. Nothing more to it, do this for every different patch you want to use, and you are sorted.

    The sound quality is great, no issues at all with it, it seems really well made, I've had zero issues with it so far, and its been in my rack since February (done about 8 gigs since and never had so much as a blip of an issue with it). Plus, it looks cool too

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuh84 View Post
    I own the RG16.....
    Cool man! What are you using for a MIDI controller?

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    Unfortunately a Behringer FCB1010, too limited in functionality for my tastes, but I have other priorities before I replace it. I want to get a Gordius Little Giant, they are overkill, but at the same time, I prefer too much functionality than not enough

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    added the Gordius link but the site seems to be down... nice looking unit

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    Fucking sweet Dan. I just scored a rack pre and was looking for a midi controllable pedal.

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    under the cables/misc you can add

    Bayou Cables

    Pedal Snake

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