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    I had a tweed Peavey Delta Blues amp with a 15 inch speaker and used it for approx 10 years - never did anything to it and sold it with the original tubes still inside - one of the best amps I ever had.

    Also have a 1968 siverface Fender twin reverb in my living room - last time I did anything to it was a tube change probably around 1971 but it farts at any volume over 4 and if I could carry it I would have a tech do work but it never leaves my house anyways. Guess it needs capacitors and tubes maybe new speakers but it's fine at low volume.

    My attitude is that I never do work unless I have to but I guess you should change your tubes when you see blue gas inside or depending on how much use you give it - other people here have more knowledge about these things than I do.

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    My last post to this thread was 4 years ago and I've had a few amp changes, so figured it was time to add again. My old amps were embarrassing

    Peavey 5150 II:

    I had the 6505+ 112 for about a year first and loved it, 6505/5150 are still my favorite metal tone and 90% of what I play is metal. The clean is pretty stale and sounds like solid state. I did red channel with the gain cranked for a while, but now find the green channel better with the gain around 6. Either way, you get two kick ass metal channels. The effects loop stinks though. It adds extra noise and I have to turn up the output on some pedals more than I do with other amps. The amp is pretty noisy as it is and a noise gate is essential. I fought with this for a while until I realized it's just a noisy amp and I got used to it. The volume is super sensitive. It goes from muffled to blasting with a nudge of the knob. It still sounds good for weekend bedroom volumes, but maybe not late night in an apartment. Overall, it sounds amazing though.

    Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier:

    I don't think I would have ever bought this amp at full price, but scored it on a good deal I couldn't pass up. I much prefer the 5150 metal tone over almost any Mesa, but that's just personal preference and nothing against Mesa. This amp is a beast for the size, has a lot of options, sounds great with pedals, and covers a big variety of tones. This one I go to for everything non-metal, although the 80s metal and modern metal tones are still good too. It's well built and I haven't had any problems with the amp at all. I swear this amp sounds different every day though. Some days I'm loving it, sounds great, etc. Then suddenly another night I won't be into it. It's definitely a good amp and very versatile though.

    Orange Micro Dark:

    I only had this for a week and was conflicted about it, so I returned it while I had the chance. I thought it sounded great with my passive Fender for doing clean and bluesy stuff. However, all my other guitars are active and I thought they sounded bad through this amp. There's little headroom as it is, and virtually none with active pickups. There's a single EQ knob that changes your tone from ok, to bad, to worse. I really couldn't get into any good higher gain metal tones from the amp, even with an OD. Overall, it was fun for a few tones with one guitar, but not for me on everything else. The power amp kept going out too unless something was plugged into the effects loop.

    Yamaha THR10X:

    This amp is a lot of fun. It has built in effects and an option to run off batteries if you ever need to. I've been running an OD into it which works pretty well. There's not as many tone options as say a POD HD or something, but there's plenty to play around with. I don't really like how it sounds directly recorded, but it's been perfect for using as monitor while recording DI tracks. This is a good grab and go, plug in a jam, bedroom amp.
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    I started with Amplitube using that with a sampled guitar for my keyboard so I learned how to do good tone before I could play a guitar. Now I have a real guitar and after weeks of research settled for the Laney IRT Studio it's got that distortion as much as you want with 3 preamp valves/tubes +two output and it's designed for a home studio or pro studio it's a rack unit with 1W or 15W too low for a gig in a hall but just right for a studio with USB for your computer or XLR out to an interface, 3 channels and a foot switch for each channel + it's built in boost and reverb. Really great tone distorted or clean, Toni Iommi of Black Sabbath uses Laney's.
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