Monoprice Cables - anyone have any experience?
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Thread: Monoprice Cables - anyone have any experience?

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    Monoprice Cables - anyone have any experience?

    I grabbed a pair of these to replace the 1/4" cables I was using on my monitors, to kill off the very last of the background hum I was getting (which it has, I'm happy to report).

    [VIDEO]] : Monoprice 6ft Premier Series XLR Male to 1/4inch TRS Male 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated) : Microphone Cables : Electronics[/VIDEO]

    Has anyone used these cables before? I wasn't sure what to expect when I got them, but while they came in a USPS Priority paper mailer in a folded up bit of cardboard for protection, in essentially unmarked plastic bags with "Made in China" stickers on them, the actual cables feel pretty good - solid-feeling metal connectors at each end, gold pins and screws (which can't do a thing electronically but is still a nice cosmetic touch), and really substantial, heavy duty feeling cable. They look sort of like off-brand Monster cables, I guess, minus all the annoying lawsuit stuff.

    These two won't really be subject to heavy wear and tear, running from my interface to my monitors, but they felt good enough I'd probably grab an XLR-to-XLR from these guys if I needed additional cables for mics and whatnot - they felt solid, and the price is tough to argue with.
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    I have a bunch. Seem to work pretty well for home use; I don't use them live cause I have a few longer cables for that.
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    I use the XLR for my interconnects from my Pre/Pro to my speakers, haven't had any problems with using them in that capacity.

    I've been using their computer cables for years with no issues (serial, network, video, etc.). All of my video cabling is monoprice as well.

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    I use all Monoprice cables.

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    I have a few too, they're good sturdy cables for super cheap. However, I noticed they make a crackling noise through the speakers if you step on or move the cable around.

    Also, their tuner pedal is actually really good for $15.

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    Love monoprice cables. Used their stuff for a long time. Only had 1 cable go bad.

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