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Thread: Your Amps! Post 'Em!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevan View Post
    The more things change, the more they stay the same:

    Exactly! Kevan will NEVER get rid of his pink shorts.

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    ME: 1990-91 Ibanezes
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    Rig: Laney IRT Studio

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    At the moment:

    I'll be getting a Tech 21 TM30 soon, and I've got a Flextone 2 at my parent's place.
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    Just picked this up yesterday. Nothing real special. A B52 AT100 with cab for $300. Something to kick around on. Sounds pretty decent too. Which was a suprise Way more gain then I'll ever need.
    I'll probably re-tube it eventually but I looked them up on Eurotubes and the sets are like $180. It's got 12 tubes. Weighs a metric fuckton.

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    My 'lil dude, aka Mesa Boogie F-30.

    Also, my pretty pink pick, a tiny army guy, a random water bottle in the background, loose change, and a J.S. Bach "Works For Violin" book. If you wanna get good at the shitfiddle, learn this stuff.

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    President - Reverse Headstock Lover's Club ©

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    Not that I use it a lot.

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    Well, here's my rig as it stands at the moment. Excuse the awful quality picture. I don't have a decent camera, only my phone's awful 2mp one.

    From the ground up:
    Marshall 50/50 power-amp
    Marshall JMP-1 pre-amp
    TC Electronics G-Major
    Korg DTR-1000
    Phonic power conditioner
    TC Electronics G-Major

    It all sounds pretty fucking rad to my ears.

    I control it with a Behringer FCB1010. The second G-Major's just there to make it look more , but it's not part of the setup.
    I want to get a second pre-amp, a Triaxis or Piranha, or even an amp head to give me something with a bit more oomph. Plus, having the stereo 50/50, I could run two pre-amps at the same time for some fun.
    I also want to get a wireless unit in there and some sort of boost for leads.

    No cab at the moment, but I can live without one as the JMP-1's emulated outputs are fine for practicing and jamming at home.
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