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Thread: The horrible 80s/90s gear thread.

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    Started with a Guv'nor and some no name compressor, Moved up to an HM-2, Then obviously an MT-2, Then the future arrived:

    Album here

    After that I found that a Tubescreamer in front of a JCM900 suited my playing better
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    ME: Rich Mahogany
    MA: Godin A6 Ultra
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    I still have my original ART Xtreme+ multiFX pedal. It actually sounded pretty cool for what it was.

    This guy has the non-plus version. I can't even tell you the difference without going to look at my pedal

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    Location: Ft lauderdale
    ME: Charvel
    Rig: Imac/Apollo

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    My first pedal was a digitech death metal pedal. Not sure what year it was but it has one gain setting. 11.

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    Location: Everett, Washington
    ME: Ibanez 540P
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    When you wanted to buy an ART SGX multi-effect processor with the foot pedal but couldn't afford it. You end up buying this instead:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra Commander View Post

    My first guitar teacher had either that one or similar. Had a looper in it, which I was mad jelly of.
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    ME: LTD H7, KM6, 540SLTD
    MB: SR305E
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    I owned an original Zoom 505. This may explain why I've never wanted a multi-effects unit since.

    I owned the prior generation of that amp, Crate GX-15R, I think... While it was hardly awesome sounding, remember how shitty small pracxtice amps sounded before that. It was at least usable.
    Yeah, you couldn't get a good sounding practice amp to save your life. I remember wanting one of these:

    just so I could jam at 4am and not either a) blow the roommates out of the house and b) not have a sound that made me want to blow my brains out.
    Tone Chasers Anonymous ™ - I’m not just a member, I’m the President.
    Don’t expect much, it’s not like I’m a rocket surgeon.

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    Location: Melbourne, Australia
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    MB: Ibanez SRs
    Rig: 5153 / Kemper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra Commander View Post
    After borrowing a Boss ME8 and Zoom 505, I got the RP6 as my first multi-fx unit and I lived off this for so damn long. The Fusion lead patch (F71?) or a slightly tweaked version was my lead tone for so long. I even used this as my effects unit on bass for my first band. I was still using it when I started to go the individual pedal route until I had enough pedals to phase this out.

    I can't remember what happened to mine, I think I left it at my friend's house.

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    Location: Belfast
    ME: Jackson KV2's
    Rig: Fractal AX8

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    I had several of these terrible things, including the Korg G3 (it really was awful) and an Ibanez Soundtank!

    I wrote a little blog about it recently: Steve's Gear History :: Fireland ... No need to read it, just look at the pics.
    Heavy metal from Northern Ireland: Stormzone | Fireland

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