The horrible 80s/90s gear thread.
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Thread: The horrible 80s/90s gear thread.

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    The horrible 80s/90s gear thread.

    This is it, this is the thread for anyone that ever played a Zoom, Ibanez soundtank, Crate amp, DOD Thrash Metal, or any pedals Garrett bought in the last 2 years.

    I'll kick it off with my garbage gear of choice as a teen in the 90s, the Korg G3. Wow did this thing suck, but you never knew it if you were just playing it through your equal-quality Crate 20 watt amp! When your richer friends brought over their 2x12 Fender or Marshall combo, or their godly Digitech RP1 you felt it then though!

    This thing was sorta / kinda patterned after a 3 channel Marshall, with added effects, and you could save presets. But let's not kid ourselves, all the channels sounded bad and the effects were just a hair better than the soundtanks. But hey they got dimebag darrell to shill for it, so it couldn't be all that bad, right?

    Yeah it was. It was like having a distortion pedal that needed a distortion pedal before it to make it distort. And we played it up hill, both ways, and we liked it!

    In all fairness, I had this thing for a long time and eventually upgraded to a rack system, so being that it was my gateway drug to multi-effects systems, it wasn't really all that bad. Except when it was, which was like every time I plugged it in.

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    I had this:

    Only gear I had was a cheap plywood guitar this pedal and home stereo... can you imagine the Bees

    Also had a for a while cheap PedalBoard (cant recall the name) that it I think it was a Korg as well

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    Any amp/Preamp by Peavey that wasn't named Butcher or Rockmaster.

    Until the 5150 came along and kicked that brand in the ass, Peavey really was pure shit for hard rock/Metal guys.
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    When I had to downsize from my JCM900/Carvin stack I (stupidly) bought one of these:

    If I closed my eyes tight and wished really hard, it sounded great - as long as it wasn't turned on and I was imagining the tone... #WhatATurd

    My previous practice device of choice was this:

    Which also required a fair bit of imagination to make it sound great. But, for the era, it was actually pretty fun to screw around with.
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    I had a Korg AX1G. A few of the effects were really neat sounding, but the distortions were garbage. I was running it into a boom box that had a guitar input. It sounded bad. I tried running it through my Line6 Flextone II when I got it, and found that it sucked so much tone Even bypassed it sounded like I was playing through a ball of jello.

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    into this

    at the time it was the best thing i'd ever heard until my buddy got one of these bad boys.


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    Used to run this bad boy through a 20 watt Fender Frontman with a Squire strat.

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    I had one of these god awful things. Bought it instead of a 5150, such an idiot in my late teens.

    The horrible 80s/90s gear thread.-bv60h-1-jpg

    Considering the rig before that was a Metalzone into Unicord bass amp with a 15" speaker, I guess it was a upgrade in a sense.

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