Talk to me about speaker cables.
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Thread: Talk to me about speaker cables.

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    Talk to me about speaker cables.

    Ok, so all going to plan I'll be ordering a Boogie MKV25 later this week, but I'll need to get me a speaker cable too. I'm very out of the loop, so I don't know what's good or not. I'm eyeballing this Pro Snake one, because I'd like something that's fairly short, and has angled jacks. The speaker cable I was using with the Engl had straight jacks, and I was always worried about it getting pushed up against the wall, so I want to alieviate that particular anxiety when getting the Boogie. Pro Snake are Thomann's own brand as far as I understand, will this be any good, or are there any other cables folks might recommend?

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    1.5mm2 is like in between 15 and 16 gauge so it should be fine.

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    I've been using Tephra from Lava forever, and they work great.
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    I have a planet waves speaker cable - thick gauge but I'm not sure what. It hasn't let me down.

    That said, I would not buy angled jacks - hell, I don't know if I've ever even seen angled jacks on a speaker cable. The solution is to not ram the amp against a wall .
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    Last one I bought I got on amazon was like $12 and it’s friggin huge and great quality.

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    I've got cables from Thomann that I've been using for years without issues. My current speaker cable is actually the one that came with my 5153 50W, a monstrously thick thing with really chunky ends. One word of caution I'd give you regarding angled ends on spaker cables, they can have issues with recessed jack plates. I've had problems with them clashing with the edges of the recess and not locking into the jack socket solidly.
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    Thanks for the heads-up on that James. 😉

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    I bought a chunky, thick, speaker cable from a local music store - one of the guys there makes them. I can't tell you what gauge it is.

    I can second the sentiment about angled/90 degree ends. If they aren't obstructed from a solid connection to begin with, they can work their way out.
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