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    I definitely remembered your guitar, but there are enough differences to make it a coincidence

    I do prefer yours tho, with the pickup rings!

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    I, too, prefer the actual Toshiro sig over the Charvel copy. The flame top and control layout are also nicer.

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    A letdown for me... was expecting new colors on the DK24 or even a Natural Finish one. Instead we have the Panda Version but with a White Pickguard and White pickups... ohhh and chrome Hardware... mehhhh

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    Agree they blew their load last year. But hey, so long as they keep knocking them out I'm happy. I'd rather see more 'classic' pro mod stuff as I think most other Charvel fans would (i.e. less of the DKs and Suhrvels please) just more San Dimas and So Cal options would be nice. Different colours, control configs, pickup layouts etc. An HSS or H-S San Dimas with a floyd would kill.

    Having said that, those Suhrvels are absolutely everywhere now so they must have hit on something So what do I know. In fact I see WAY more of those than I do the Ibasuhrs.
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    Well the Shurvels are a lot less expensive than the Ibashurs, have the same Necks that Charvels are known for instead of the Baseball bats on the Ibbys... and people dont like to pay 1.2k+ for Indo made Guitars, although they better get used to it because they will keep getting up in price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzhands View Post
    Now that is magic. Green tiger stripe? Yes please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 Dying Trees View Post
    Now that is magic. Green tiger stripe? Yes please!
    MMM, indeed. It's the Satchel sig
    Satchel Signature Pro-Mod DK | Artist Series | Charvel® Guitars
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