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Thread: Vaibrant Traveller Guitar

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    Vaibrant Traveller Guitar

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    God... I actually kinda dig those. The cheaper ones look great too:

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    I think you mispelled "awful" Ryan
    I'm so metal I shit bats

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    Who thought this was a Vai-able design?

    My immediate, Vai-carious reaction to this design was it fucking sucked, but maybe buying one would increase my Vai-brato's intensity.

    It's a total abomination and a terrible pun for a name, but the Vai fanboys will probably be all over it because they think it will make their playing more Vai-rile and Vai-gorous. Personally I think the design is just Via-le.

    It's so hideous that upon seeing it some may be driven to Vai-olence. Does the deluxe edition come with some limited edition Vai-nyl records as accessories?

    Personally I think it's Vai-tal to guitar design to offer models the average consumer wouldn't have to be drugged up on shit tons of Vai-codin to even consider buying.

    Right now my eyes feel Vai-olated. I don't see this model Sur-Vai-ving long. It's such a crime it might drive some people who are already on the edge to become Vai-gillantes.

    It makes you wonder, does Steve Vai have Ad-Vai-sors telling him how much shit like this sucks? Or does he have to wait until it's actually released and then hear through the Grape-Vai-n that most people consider this a total abomination.

    I mean, fuck, the Ancient Romans were advanced enough to develope things like Vai-adcuts to transport water, it can't be that hard to invent a guitar that doesn't fucking suck 2000 years later.

    If an 18th century nobelwoman saw this, she would probably have to be re-vai-ved from a state of dramatic fainting with smelling salts. That's how shockingly bad it is. Definitely not a Vai-sonary design.

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    Headstock makes it looks super goofy... cheap DIY at home kinda looking guitar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    I think you mispelled "awful" Ryan
    I wont deny I have terrible taste. But I dunno, they look fun, if horrendously derivative.

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    I have an eg-2 and it's not bad... It's also definitely not good though. Good for what it is I easy traveling beater that I can take to Afghanistan or a weekend trip and not worry about it.

    Also, I don't like anything about these models.
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