Someone needs to offer an SSGMP model
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Thread: Someone needs to offer an SSGMP model

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    Someone needs to offer an SSGMP model

    I was flipping through the NAMM stuff and the latest GC flyer and it struck me that with so many of us (re: the target audience for new guitar sales) going in with the mindset of

    Buy new guitar -> mod new guitar -> enjoy new guitar

    Why hasn't someone created a GMP model? (GMP = Great Mod Platform) Start with a good quality Super Strat body with some finish choices, offer a few good quality neck/fretboard choices, then have the pickups, pots, switches etc all set with quick disconnects so there's no soldering necessary to swap them in/out. They could offer three levels like entry, advanced, pro or whatever. The same company then offers a line of all the popular pups, pots, switches, etc with the quick disconnects pre-installed and a fair amount of tuner and bridge/trem choices.

    Once that takes off, then introduce other body style like LPs, Vs, Explorers, Sabers, Teles, etc...

    If the market wants moldable guitars, why has no one offered it yet?

    Maybe Ola will be the first one?

    Someone else on here who wants to create a start up?

    Ced? (but only with the SGGMP = super glue great mod platform )
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    So, basically Warmoth or USACG, but with quick connect electronics?

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    I assume he wants an assembled guitar after ordering, and not having to screw it all together.

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    Something ready to play right out of the box, but easily customizable to encourage/make it easier to mod it.

    If you’re selling something that you know your customer is going to invest more money into modding via parts bought from another vendor, why would you not offer those options and make it easier for your customer to spend their money with you?

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