What if... I brought home an ugly chick and liked her?
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Thread: What if... I brought home an ugly chick and liked her?

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    What if... I brought home an ugly chick and liked her?

    Ever look at an ugly chick and say... "goddamn, she's ugly?"

    Then the more you think about her you think, "I bet that bitch is loud. And I bet if I set her on my lap she'd scream and cause a commotion the neighbors would hear."

    And you try her out and you say, "Hmm... she ain't half bad looking. And she puts out. And she's a screamer."

    I didn't really have the money to spare, but I got 18-month financing and I couldn't pass up the price.

    Bonus: I was seriously shocked by the tone I got right off the bat: instant Kyuss... big, ballsy, deep roar. All did was plug her into the amp on the same settings as I've been using for my gold top and crank the guitar volume. Better pictures coming.

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    good god that thing is so fucking gorgeous. I've never touched a P90 so I'd be afraid to pick it up but with humbuckers in there I'd be GASsing all day over this thing.

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    Uh... DIBS?!

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    Thats a Rawk n Roll machine.
    Vag Jackson, Man Of Action

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    I'm not even a Gibson fan, but that is a very classy guitar.

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    Would look better with creme soapbars. The black make the pole pieces look beady. It's otherwise totally sexy in both looks and specs
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    Sometimes you just gotta.

    And you did.
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD): https://www.facebook.com/sparrows613/

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    That's not an ugly chick... you must exclusively hangout with supermodels!

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