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Thread: Old vs New Couch shots.

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    MB: Ibanez SR505
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    From 2011:
    Old vs New Couch shots.-damien9-jpg

    No pic because I have no guitars now.

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    Rig: Axe-Fx II / 5150

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    This thread:

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    Pic from a few years ago:

    Pic from this morning:

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    ME: 1984 Warlock NJ
    Rig: 6505+

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    Old vs New Couch shots.-dsc03014-jpg

    Old vs New Couch shots.-imag1973_zpsc1b1761a-jpg

    Need to dig out older photos from the 90's, and also add a 2019 shot

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    Location: Boston, MA
    ME: Suhr Modern
    Rig: Axe-Fx II / 5150

    iTrader: 34 (100%)

    Cool thread idea. This was May '08. I don't own the couch or the house anymore:

    Back row:
    RG7620 (Bought from kmanick, sold on here I think? Wish I kept it, had the BKP Miracle Man set in it and sounded awesome)
    RG5T (sold to Bobby)
    RG5EX1 (gave to a buddy)
    Some Agile bass (gave to Angrychair)
    Schecter C7 (Sold to Soop, who coveted the cockstock of destiny)
    Front row:
    Ibanez acoustic (gave to a buddy)
    Schecter C1 (gave to ElRay's daughter)
    Ibanez EX (my first proper guitar, still own it, stays in the case now)
    RG550 (That's my orange JEM, refurbished by Sherman, still own it)
    Sherman 7 (sold to some dude on /7/)
    Ibanez nylon string (still have it, my son crawls around on it and likes to bang on the strings)

    I'm not bringing all this shit down to my living room, so a wall shot will have to do. This isn't my whole fleet but it's the ones I play the most:

    Back row:
    Carvin CS4 w/BKP Aftermaths
    EBMM JP7 Mystic Dream
    EBMM JP6 Mystic Dream w/BKP Miracle Man
    Suhr Modern
    RG550 / Jem mutt. Black guitar from the above pic. Alder JEM body, D-Sonic bridge, Air Norton neck.
    Spector Legend 4
    ESP M-II

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    ME: Suhr, Warmoth, rg550
    Rig: Mark V:25 & Mark II

    iTrader: 4 (100%)

    Here is where it started:

    Moved to this:

    And now I need 3 pictures and 2 full walls to fit them all

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: Boston, MA
    ME: Suhr Modern
    Rig: Axe-Fx II / 5150

    iTrader: 34 (100%)

    Fuck yeah.

    I love that angled wall hangar - what kind is it? Or DIY?

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