Seven string scale lengths
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Thread: Seven string scale lengths

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    Seven string scale lengths

    Looking to buy my first 7 string and noticed a couple I was interested in had a 25.5” scale length. I thought this was a standard scale length, didn’t think it was considered extended scale. Looking to get a 7 that would be used for B standard and maybe drop A. Will the 25.5” scale work well for these tunings? Thank you for any help, suggestions, opinions
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    25.5 is plenty long enough for those tunings in function, though lately there are plenty of 7 strings available now in the 26.5" scale variety that it would definitely be worth looking at to see if you prefer a little extra tightness in tension/sound. Some people are just fine with lower tunings on 25.5 and even 24.75 so try out a couple different ones and see what you prefer.

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    I always liked the 26.5" on 7s the best.

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    25.5" scale, all day, er'ry day and doubley because you're coming from 6 strings.

    Yeah, tightness on the low string is nice but not at the sacrifice of a lifetime experience playing the other 6 strings in different tension. Silly choosing your scale based on just one string when you can just up your gauge.
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    As a lead guitar player, I wanted a shorter scale 7 string with a Floyd Rose but couldn't find anything on the market. I ended up building my own @ 25" scale and I love it. The 7th string is in drop A and the gauge is .62. I'll go with a .60 on my next string change. The 25" makes certain stretches a little easier to do as on a 25.5" scale guitar.

    The Strandbergs are a 25" treble /25.5" bass scale which is perfect if you're into multiscale IMO. The Ibanez scale length at 25"5 on the Universe is a great choice IMO. Having played it, its a great guitar and feels very familiar and comfortable, especially if you're a lead player.

    I've played longer scale 7 strings like 26.5" and didn't like the feel.

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    25.5" isn't extended scale, it's normal scale for seven strings. As a long time strat player it feels totally normal to me, and while I use fairly heavy strings I haven't had trouble with low string tension.
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    I'd call a 25.5" (or any other) scale 7-string extended range, not extended scale (which I've never seen anyone call that scale either). It's fine for tuning a step down IMO.
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    26.5 sounds great for cleans and rhythms, but the higher strings can get a bit brittle if you're playing leads.

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