I also did a thing with my Charvel...
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Thread: I also did a thing with my Charvel...

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    I also did a thing with my Charvel...

    This is the problem with being able to make your own pickguards, I just change it too often... To be honest, this was mainly just to experiment and practice doing bevelled edges and to get some catalogue pictures done for my website. So I grabbed some 3-ply black.

    I also changed the knob to a traditional strat type.

    I... actually don't like it

    I like the strat knob. I don't like the 3-ply. It's un-Charvel'd it a bit too much. I wouldn't mind so much if it weren't slime green. But I think the straight up 1ply black looked better..

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    Agreed. The all black looks better. There's no white anywhere on the guitar the white ply can "connect" to.
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    I don't have a preference on the 1 ply/3 ply but I like the Strat knob and I LOVE that color.
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    The white that the pickguard can grab onto exists in the pickup logos, the printing on the knob. I like the one with the white center.

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    I dunno how I feel about this one. My Socal has a black pearl guard, which is very "not charvel", but everyone loves that guitar.

    On yours I like the plain one better.

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    Singe ply, black vol all the way for that guitar.

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    I like the single ply and the strat knob.

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    Yeah, although there are white bits on the pickups and knob, I just don't think it works with the slime green. I'll change it back when my new strings arrive.

    As I said, if this were another colour, it would go great. But it's quite a modern colour so needs the more modern look of the 1ply black.

    I'll keep the strat knob Though! I like the low profile and it just looks good, regardless of the pickguard.

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