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    Quote Originally Posted by dbwells View Post
    I just plugged it in this morning the switch was a little spotty but I cleaned it with contact cleaner and it came right to life. Stock pickups are pretty decent But I could see changing them out down the road. I may put a better bridge on this like a non tune floyd on this or a Modern gotoh or wilkinson 2 point bridge on here with locking tuners and a Tusq nut
    Stick a floyd in it, new pups, a split coil switch, a kill switch, scallop the frets, the whole 9.

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    Replaced the original chrome trem with a new black one I had in my parts bin. The original was pitted and corroded and the intonation adjustment springs were rusted. Also cleaned and oiled the fret board, It soaked up two coats of Jim Dunlop No 2 deep fret conditioner like nothing.

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    Love that color, congrats!
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    Nice score! I agree... love that color.
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    Love it!

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    Great score - we all need friends like that!
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    Nice! That neck is amazing
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    I just swapped the bridge pickup this afternoon. The original pickup was 2 wire conductor and at first it sounded good, but after playing it awhile it sounded like I was only on one coil. So I dug around in my parts and found a set from an Ernie Ball Axis I had bought used and forgot about. Stuck the bridge pickup in it and now its sounding pretty good again.

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