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Thread: Bought a new guitar - RGIXL7-ABL

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    Bought a new guitar - RGIXL7-ABL

    Since I sold all my guitars before moving back to Tokyo, I went to Ochanomizu and bought a new guitar today. It's an Ibanez RGIXL7-ABL, which is a 7 string baritone with DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbuckers, a reverse headstock, no fret markers, an ash body, ebony fretboard, and maple/purpleheart neck. I attached a few pics I took on my futon. Need to get some more stuff, but this is the main purchase I needed.

    Bought a new guitar - RGIXL7-ABL-guitar-1-jpgBought a new guitar - RGIXL7-ABL-guitar-2-jpgBought a new guitar - RGIXL7-ABL-guitar-3-jpeg

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    That body looks fantastic!!!!

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    That is awesome dude, glad you're still playing!

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    Revered HS was a nice touch. That stain on the ash gives it a kinda bubinga look.
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    Those are awesome! Haven’t played the 7, but the 6-string version is very cool.

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    That is sweet!!

    I dunno what's going on with me, but in the last year I've started to enjoy things I previously hated; mustard, pickles, broccoli and reverse headstocks.
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    That grain...

    Grats. That's a sweet-looking ride.
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    Was looking at those just yesterday. How does it play?
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