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    Total surf metal guitar. Great score!
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    Ok remember me saying I couldn't lower the High E side anymore on the Trem?... Well.. I realized that it seemed locked on that little screw inside the Post so I didn't forced it, but today I decided to investigate again. Felt locked but I forced a bit the little screw and it "open" again so I could lower the Trem even more

    It's now 1.2-1.4 mm @ 12th fret. More than enough for me with very minimal buzz (that I dont mind at all). Now it feels like my Genesis so I guess its a keeper

    Just curious if anyone here leave those screws "open" or tighten them? When I used to put my S540 to do setups I would always leave them open before giving it to the Techs... majority of people dont even have a clue about those locking screws and they fuck up the Trem Post by not unlocking them.. But since im not that of a Trem user I'm, wondering if you guys leave it untight or tight them.

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    Tighten the screws. Also sell this bullshit and get a Charvel. Jesus...
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