NGD - It's an Ibby and it's Green
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Thread: NGD - It's an Ibby and it's Green

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    NGD - It's an Ibby and it's Green

    Ibanez JEM 70V SFG

    This was bought actually same day as the EVH, but since I was away working abroad it was my wife that went to pick it up. Instructed her on what to look for and she even managed to haggle down the price slightly. When she was inspecting the case she noticed it didn't brought the Ibanez Multi use tools, seller forgot it and she didn't forgive him

    - You need to remove something from the price she told him and he accepted it

    Story of this is that this guy was trying to sell it for a long time now since he couldn't gel with the Neck profile, prefers Fat Strats. Had some false moves on shitty buyers and got fed up, after some time he just decided to lower it abruptly to get rid of it, I managed to saw that coming down in price and negotiations started. I bought it with the idea of reselling but now I'm not sure, this part of course my wife doesn't know

    Cellphone pics since I'm to lazy to pick the Nikon:

    No flaws whatsoever on the Claw or Grip. Super thigh Neck Pocket and really great Fret work, on pair with the Charvel and EVH with rolled Edges. Better than the RG550 Genesis tats for sure. Had to add a 4th Spring since I re-string it with 09-46 set. Only "flaw" I saw was on the Holes of the Neck Heel screws, but this is being picky AF.

    How does it compare to the 550 Genesis? I dont have them side by side but going by memory I would say the Genesis feels better. Neck seems and is definitely thinner and I have really low Action on it, on the JEM I lowered the Edge to its maximum on the High E side and still is around 1.6mm-1.7mm high at the 12th fret. So if I keep it, either I get used or Shim it will be.

    I cant recall the last time I had a Jap JEM on my hands, but it most most certain be something like 15+ years ago, so I cant tell how does it compare, but it will probably be the same as what I feel vs the Genesis. Pickups are hot and oh my, they pick every single nuance.

    Like I said it was bought because it really was a deal hard to pass and one that I can later use to re-sell or trade. Lets see what happens

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    That finish really works here
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    NICE stuff!

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    Love those guitars and that finish is beautiful IMO.

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    Very nice. My "woody" Jem was a cool guitar but if I get another, I think one of these will be it.

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    Tks guys.

    MY fav JEM was always the Blue Floral, and if the new one shows up as a deal I'm most certain will get it

    The Green and White on this one really makes a cool Combo, even my Wife is telling me that everything is super balanced color wise and she likes looking at it

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