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    Belated NGD

    While I've been absent from a lot of things, I've still managed a couple to snag a couple guitars( gotta get some kind of reward for all these damn hours at work, lol!)

    1st up is my bucket list guitar, it's embarrassing how long it took me to get it, but it's finally mine. I've wanted an Explorer since I saw Metallica in '85(old dude alert) crushed up against the barrier center stage seeing Hetfield killing it, the Explorer has been my "white whale" so to speak. I went new simply because I wanted something new, I wanted something I could add battle scars to, something I could make mine. I've added Gotoh locking tuners, had a local tech cut a bone nut for it, and strap locks. Surprisingly, the Dirty Fingers pups sound great for what I do and despite getting some shit for buying a new Gibson, I found no QC issues and am more than happy with it.
    Belated NGD-img_1548-jpeg

    The 2nd was an absolute impulse buy. I went to the local mom & pop shop fully intending on buying the PRS MT15(it's a rippin' little fucker)and saw a Charvel Pro-mod DK24 HH HT in ash on the wall and fell in love. After playing it the deal was sealed and home it went. It's got the most comfortable neck I've ever played. I'm not usually into strats or super strats but this thing just felt right and actually being able to run you hand across it and feel the wood grain is just badass, lol!
    Belated NGD-img_1601-jpg

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    Coffin case
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    All black Explorer is cool!

    That 24-fret Charvel is cool!

    ALL IS COOL!!!

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    Both look great! An Explorer (or Kelly) is definitely on my list at some point, as well as a maple boarded Strat.

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    I have a San Dimas in the black ash. It kicks all sorts of ass.

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    Join Date: Feb 2013
    Location: Seattle, WA
    ME: Explorer Custom

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    Nice scores on both counts. I love Explorers...they might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the shape just feels right to me. Nice Charvel as well. I don't have any strats/super strats in my arsenal at the moment, but if I would be something along the lines of those specs.

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    Real nice on both counts, Congrats man and play the frets clean off both of them
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    Nice Explorer!
    Just a speck in the spectrum

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