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Thread: Today in "Stupid Shit by Gibson"

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodles View Post
    You mean the design that CF Martin came up with in 1916?
    It seems like they didn't even bother checking if they had any evidence supporting their claims before this whole fiasco. The amount of idiocy on so many points here is staggering.

    Also notable is the fact that Gibson does not sell the majority of its guitars direct from Gibson. They are heavily reliant on distros like Guitar Center and Musicians Friend.

    Companies which, of course, also stock and sell huge amounts of guitars by the companies Gibson is now intent on attacking.

    It seems like they didn't consider the fact that the companies who actually sell the majority of their guitars might not agree with what Gibson is doing. I doubt guitar Center and Musicians Friend, etc. are gung ho about the effect of pulling every non Gibson LP shape on their profit margins.

    The only way this whole plan makes sense, is if Gibson thinks the amount of free advertising they are going to get out of it is worth it. Which is a huge risk and a highly questionable strategy, because even though, "any publicity is good publicity", the majority of this is bad publicity.

    Gibson is reliant on a shit ton of other brands. Distributors, middle men, lumber suppliers, trade publications, etc. etc. etc. Brands which probably deal with other companies Gibson is attacking. Gibson either mistakenly thinks everyone is on their side, or they don't realize that they aren't internalized enough to do something stupid like this.

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    Well shit, I preferred my theory. It turns out they are that fucking stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by thrashinbatman View Post
    So they've let Dean make the Explorer and Flying V for like 40 years, and are only now getting around to saying that it's infringement?
    problem here is that if you don't protect your IP from the get-go, you can lose the right to protect it.

    I already thought Gibson was a garbage brand with overpriced status symbol junk but now I dislike them even more lol. this whole fiasco totally reminds me of Blizzard Entertainment's "You think you want it but you don't." bullshit about vanilla WoW and then CnD'ing the biggest vanilla private server. Even if Gibson succeeds in stopping other manufacturers or makes them licence the designs, what are they going to do about the Asian imports and the guitars that are already here? Gibson can get fucked.

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    Re-post of a re-post; Wolfe Macleod re-posted this on Facebook:

    Dear Gibson,

    Now YOU have been warned. Most of us were rooting for you to rejoin the greater congenial guitar making community. Hoping that the new regime would bring an understanding of the attitudes and practices that have garnered ill will among customers and fellow guitar makers alike. Instead, you pressed down with both hands onto one of the buttons that triggers us: the notion that you’d rather use your might and weight to oppress than to elevate.

    So once again, we warn you. Start making quality guitars consistently, with good materials, or we, the collective small builder community, will do it for you. You can’t sue all of us, and if you did, you’d be wasting money that would be better spent competing with us, while fulfilling the narrative that you only seek to succeed on the psychological and financial defeat of your competitors.

    You already lost to PRS. You already lost to ESP. We as small builders aren’t your problem. We get it, you pursue us like coins in a video game because we’re easy targets, and you rack up trademark defense points every time one of us concedes. But these were your sales to lose. You ARE Gibson. You have the headstock, the body shapes, the logos, the history. If someone comes to one of us looking for something similar to what you offer, at that point it is you who has lost the sale, not us who have won it. If you manage your brand properly, the market for potentially infringing product wouldn’t exist.

    Remember, most of us small builders are fans, and are wishing you well while also trying to provide for ourselves and/or families by doing things that we are passionate about. We’re not wishing you death by 1000 paper cuts. If someone has come to one of us for an item similar to what’s on your current menu, there’s a reason you already lost the opportunity. Forcing us to lose that livelihood doesn’t bring that sale back to you. It further embitters that potential client toward you, and encourages used purchases which you can’t monetize.

    We’re all in this together whether we like it or not. Destroying your neighbor’s house is not the same as tending to your own. Or to put it another way, breaking someone else’s headstock doesn’t make yours any stronger.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
    problem here is that if you don't protect your IP from the get-go, you can lose the right to protect it.
    That's why I'm wondering how much of a leg Gibson has to stand on. They would have had a chance back in the day, like they ALMOST did with PRS and the Singlecut. But it's been 40 fucking years since the Z and V released.

    Also Dean's SG, hollowbodies, and the headstock in question look nothing like Gibson's. That'll be another PRS situation.

    On top of that, claiming Dean is counterfeiting Gibson's guitars. I doubt they have anything worthwhile there.

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    This lawsuit is a problem for me. I believe Gibson should look to its product line, its pricing, and its perception in the market as a bully.

    If you doubt the "bully" notion, just look at 2015 when the company tried to force users to accept MiniTune and changes to the necks, etc., with only a cursory "this is your only option" when the complaints rolled in.

    Just the idea that instead of addressing problems with product, pricing, and customer relations, Gibson decides to sue competition out of the market is enough to sour me. If the company travels down this road, I may well have purchased my last Gibson guitar.

    In my mind, this is an effort to force buyers into a corner... "we're the only choice," in other words. And "you get what we decide you need."
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