I touched the guitar that made me want to play guitar today.
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Thread: I touched the guitar that made me want to play guitar today.

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    I touched the guitar that made me want to play guitar today.

    Went to the Gilmour guitar exhibit at Christie's in NYC today....holy shit, man. You can literally smell the guitars you're so close to them. I have a bunch more pics but really, there are going to be a ton showing up that will be far better quality than mine.

    They had one of his signature Strats that you can pose with for some pictures. They actually don't even hurry you along with this, I could have played that for 5 minutes straight. Who knows if Gilmour ever played it, but he owned it so that's cool enough for me. This was the first time I floated into space waiting to wake up from a fantasy I've had since I was 12.

    We took our time walking around and finally came upon the CAR Strat. This is the guitar that he was playing when I fell in love with guitar. It just looked so cool and hearing it rip through Foxboro stadium when I was 11...I was hooked. I'd watch the PULSE VHS tape and just stare at this Strat.

    I made a comment that I just wanted to touch it. Just lightly, to not disturb it or leave a fingerprint...really joking, but not really. Eventually, my fiancee nudged my foot and I put the tip of my forefinger on the body, ever so lightly that it wouldn't move, but enough to know that I fucking touched David Gilmour's CAR Strat. My finger was ON THAT FUCKING GUITAR!

    I'm not sure how I'll ever top something like this. I'm so grateful that I had the chance to see these guitars in person. This was literally a fantasy of mine since I was a kid, so be able to play those guitars and I got to put my face centimeters away from them. This was truly an amazing experience and one I'll never forgot. I'll post the rest of the pictures sometime soon. The rest of the week is finalizing wedding stuff here in Massachusetts.

    The guitars go up for auction tomorrow. There were some serious lookin' cats in there with binders out, circling prices and writing things down. One guy was getting a private viewing of the guitars in another room, one by one being brought to him. I really hope we get to hear these guitars again.
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    The candy apple red one holds the exact same value to me! We had a Betamax copy of Delicate Sound of Thunder that I could watch any time, and his tone was so majestic. I was hooked.


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    Lucky Bastard!!!!

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    Congrats man! Now go pull out your credit card so they can go to proper musicians.

    I have loved the tone of the red one forever. That guitar has some Mojo to it.
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    Very cool.

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