NGD! Jackson SLSMG (ridiculous score)
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Thread: NGD! Jackson SLSMG (ridiculous score)

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    NGD! Jackson SLSMG (ridiculous score)

    While scanning local classfied sites I found something very interesting. One of those "electric guitar, Jackson brand" ads that tell you the seller has no clue about what they're selling.

    Turned out to be a MIJ Jackson SLSMG in near mint condition for 250 bucks (these were 999$ brand new). Even frets are new. Just needs some polishing everywhere as the guitar was unplayed for a year an a half according to the seller. It's the early model with the EMG-HZs, but I recall these having thinner necks so I don't mind the pickups.

    So here's what I found after exhaustive unpacking:

    Both me and my phone suck big time at taking pictures:

    Crazy ass high action, thin body edges:

    Final QC inspection:

    The guitar itself is in pretty good condition, but it feels completely abandoned. The strings have corroded, which in return corroded the bridge saddles. Everything else looks mint (even has the adhesive cover on the truss rod and tuners). So I'm putting a fresh set of 010s and polish everything and see how it sounds (it's terribly out of tune atm and I won't bother plugging it in). I also have a spare set of tuners from an USA Jackson (Gotohs) that i might put in there.

    Guitar is light, but not overly so as i expected by its name and shape (my 90s Ibanez S7420 was MUCH lighter).

    The hardware store is closed atm so I'll report back after the guitar is up and running again!

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    Very nice score indeed, at least s TOM bridge can be sourced easily enough and is no effort to replace if you cant clean it up.

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    I have one of those, they're incredible guitars. Love the super-high TOM and steep neck angle in combination with the arched top and back. Also the best Jackson headstock and inlays; just swap the bridge pickup at least (the neck EMG HZ is passable if you like clearer neck pickups).
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    I tried to buy Josh's off of him more than once, but he's a massive cunt and wouldn't sell it to me.

    For $250 you absolutely stole that thing man!

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    Damn, that is a deal. I remember the gas month at SSO when these were in vogue too .
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    Hell of a score for the money!
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    That's just a ridiculous score! One of the best of the latter-day Japanese Jacksons. It's actually better that it has the passive EMGs in it, since you don't have to rewire it to try other pickups. My SLS3 (later version of this) came with a Duncan '59 set, and it's great for fusion, classic rock or old-school metal.

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