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Thread: Most comfortable guitar body shape?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    The guitars are outrageously good. I know I've said it a bunch but the bridges on these things are some kind of fucking sorcery. They never, ever go out of tune, no matter how much I abuse the trem bar. If I change a single string (so that one string is a few months older than the rest) they don't give a shit either. The only thing I ever to do them is adjust the truss rod a couple times a year when the seasons change. Generally the only time I have to tune them (I have the 6 and 7 string JPs) is when I accidentally bump a tuning peg.

    So even though you can almost smell cigarettes through your screen when looking at pics of Sterling Ball, the QC on the EBMM stuff is beyond awesome.
    The QC is great unless Sterling Ball notices your case.

    There's threads of some guy who bought a $5k Majesty pointy out that the stupid looking trem has a massive gouge, and Sterling Ball points out that since he is overseas and technically the distributor deal is distributors can only sell to people in their territory for post sale support to continue it's technically a "bootleg grey market deal".

    My Old Band had a sick as fuck Stingray as band gear I absolutely loved. But the shop it was bought from, who has great relations with PRS and Mesa and clinics with higher ups and endorsers made it pretty clear that Sterling Ball is one of the few industry dudes they don't like dealing with. The dude has a reputation as a petulant bully.

    Also, EBMM is a higher tier than most smaller brands, because they were associated with Fender, so they are viewed as more prestigious. The fact that the CEO somehow managed to get himself banned from the largest bass nexus on the web, which is way bigger than any guitar forum and has heavy traffic and is highly centralized, tells you all you need to know. This isn't Kiesel or BRJ we are talking about, those poor mods and admins looked for every excuse to not ban the CEO of EBMM.

    I went on there to get some info about the wiring on the more deluxe stingrays, and immediately got a warning about having a non EBMM guitar in the shot. Which was just a tobacco burst themed shot meant to convey my enthusiasm for appreciating their instruments, but instead was regarded as a sinister conspiracy against Sterling Ball. Had to wade through a bunch of ridiculous shit to find the info after being functionally excommunicated.

    He runs that place like Waco. Some dude posted that he was nominated for the Grammys for some minor category no one cared about, and Sterling Ball immediately pointed out that technically that counts as soliciting votes and is against Grammy rules and could potentially disqualify him while pointing out that he is running in the same category. And Sterling Ball, a highly respected gourmand and legend in the brisket world who regularly tries to use his forum to get fans of guitars to unfairly sway votes in online BBQ contests, would never do something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodles View Post
    This is the man that got so pissed off at Microsoft licensing that he ripped out EVERY Windows computer in the company and went with Linux. Linux on desktops. Those poor employees.
    He has a reputation for insanity.

    On its own this quote is only mildly hilarious, because it sounds like dialog from a bad Steven Seagal movie.

    But once you learn that this was in a conversation where no one had made a comment about his deceased brother being a pool boy. It becomes hilarious.

    The conversation had no mention of his deceased brother, pool boys, or anyone name 'Kieth' up to that point. But then Sterling Ball decided to take it personal.

    That sounds like a line you could use to start an over the top bar fight. You can't even say it with a straight face.

    "Did you just call my recently deceased brother a pool boy?"

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    But really, SG's are pretty comfy, at least my Warmoth SG is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naren View Post
    Super strats, especially Ibanez RGs.
    I'm with Naren on this, though the new Petrucci guitars look amazing, I'm just not paying $3k for a guitar.

    The super-strat is one of the most popular guitar shapes for a reason, and the RG, Soloist, ESP E-II, and Schecter Apocalypse are the best I've played. I have two Ibanez S-series guitars, and while comfortable, they can slide down your thigh a bit when sitting down and playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    Sterling Ball does not respond to PMs, but he will publically shame you for them. In general he's a little too trigger happy publically shaming people who privately contact his company or make critical posts for a reputable businessman. Shame Jaxadam isn't around anymore, I want to know what he PM'd him ten times about.

    Yikes. This comes across really poorly, especially using terms like "my internet" and complaining about his own lack of notification management.

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    the most comfortable I have ever owned: Solar V.

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    ESP Horizon is my personal fave when it comes to comfort.
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    I vote Ibanez S too.

    Then maybe the Dinky sized Start. It's not much smaller but I can feel a difference for the better. The cheaper Wolfgang with the Arm rest contour and the belly cut makes it much more comfortable than the mid and US models to me.

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