Most comfortable guitar body shape?
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Thread: Most comfortable guitar body shape?

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    Most comfortable guitar body shape?

    Whats the most comfortable guitar body shape your played? Ive heard great things about JP Musicmans and Strandbergs. Extra points for upper fret access.

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    Yep, EBMMs. All the right contours.

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    Ibanez Sabers. Light, thin, beautifully contoured.
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    I like regular strats

    Never tried anything like the Strandbergs or shit

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    The Ibanez Prestige RG was probably the most comfy guitar I ever owned. Shame I sold it.
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    For me, ESP Eclipses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron1 View Post
    Ibanez Sabers. Light, thin, beautifully contoured.
    I'll second this. I had a 90's era S570 (or 470...been a long time, can't quite remember). Shape was comfortable as hell, but as I got more discerning with tone, I didn't like the stock pickups, so I let it go and bought something else. I wasn't into modding guitars at the time, but looking back I could have easily swapped out the pups for something more along the lines I was looking for. As years have gone by and I've played a variety of shapes, no super-strat has been as comfortable as the Saber. Now that I'm older, wiser, and have a bit more money in the bank, I might get a Prestige model and get back into the Saber game.

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