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Thread: BC Rich actually doing interesting things!

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    My first guitar was a RaveII Warlock, loved it and still have it. I got one of those bronze series ones when they came out, was instantly dissapointed with the new body shape and size. Got myself an 80's NJ and it is glorious.

    If they make some more of these 80's NJ style bolt on warlocks with a kahler bridge, I'd likely have to buy one (as long as they don't change the body shape again). I like that it has mop( or abalone?) inlay letters on the headstock and no binding.
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    My first guitar was an old NJ Series Warlock with a Strat style bridge, inline headstock and it was Cadillac pink. I wish I still had that thing.

    My buddy and former band mate, Wayne, is a HUGE BC Rich fan and has a pretty crazy collection. He's runs a pretty popular BC Rich group on FB and was talking with the company (I think he still is) about doing social media for him. He actually told me about Kerry King possibly buying the company wellll before any talk of that popped up on the internet. I see Neil Moser posting on his FB page all the time, which makes me stoked for him because that's the equivalent of me being internet buds with Jim Donahue or something. I know he's sent a few of his guitars out to Neal to work on, specifically his double-neck Seagull, which, IIRC, was missing all the hardware and electronics when he got it.

    Not sure if this is his recent collection or if he's picked up more since then. Dude flips gear like crazy and is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Great metal guitar player and his tones have always ripped. I can't say I've ever played one of his Rich's that I didn't like. The BRJ S-shape in the middle is one of the best guitars I've ever played. I haven't gotten to play the white V yet, but I'm looking forward to that mawfucka. The Seagull on the top left I found for him on Craigslist a few years back, I had no clue what it was aside from being a BC Rich and the guy was selling it for like $350.

    Nothing about the new shit makes me tickled, though I'd love to track down an old NJ Series Warlock and paint it Cadillac pink for nostalgia's sake. I guess a lot of them were parted out over the years.

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    That's quite a collection. Not enough neon colors, though.

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